Robert W. Lucke

Building Clustered Linux Systems

Building Clustered Linux Systems

Tags: Linux, cluster

The Practical, Step-by-Step Guide to Building and Running Linux Clusters

Low-cost, high-performance Linux clusters are the best solution for an increasingly wide range of technical and business problems. Until now, however, building and managing Linux clusters has required more specialized knowledge than most IT organizations possess. This book dramatically lowers the learning curve, bringing together all the hands-on knowledge and step-by-step techniques you'll need to get the job done.

Using practical examples, Robert Lucke simplifies every facet of cluster design and integration: networking, hardware, architecture, operating environments, data sharing, applications, and more. Lucke, who helped prototype and implement one of the world's largest Linux clusters, systematically addresses the key issues you'll encounter and the key decisions you'll have to make. Coverage includes:

  • Basic clustering concepts, hardware components, and architectural models
  • A step-by-step cluster creation process: design, installation, and testing
  • Choosing and implementing the optimal hardware configuration for your environment
  • Life in the fast LAN: high-speed cluster interconnects
  • Software issues: distributions, bootup, disks, partitioning, file systems, middleware, and more
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