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Imagine a world where...
Open-source infrastructure rules the day.
Your modules are deployed millions of times.
Developers love your software.

We're a DevOps Accelerator.

We are the driving force behind industry best practices.

Our customers are high-growth, venture-backed startups.

They believe in our mission; they pay us to build cool stuff.

And it's all Open Source.

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We need developers who believe in Open Source


What We're Looking For . . .

  • Frequent Contributors

    You regularly contribute to various open-source projects. You open issues when you find them and respond kindly to open issues when you have something to add. You enjoy reviewing pull requests, not as a chore, but as something you learn from every time and enjoy leveling-up those around you.

  • Passion Projects

    You probably have a few of your own open-source projects—big or small. You identified something that needed to exist or just scratched an itch by implementing something as a weekend project. You are curious and constantly looking at source code to understand how it works.

  • Community Oriented

    You like working with a passionate community of experts and beginners who love your work. You're probably already in a few slack communities today. You have empathy for platform and infrastructure teams, DevOps practitioners, and software developers.

  • Open Source Career

    You want to move your career in an open-source direction. Giving back to the community with your contributions would be the most rewarding work. Maybe you're not able to do much open source today, but you want to in your next role.

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The Cloud Posse Experience

Working at Cloud Posse will be unlike any other work experience you have had. You'll look back at this time and realize that you had the most fun and the most personal growth due to the challenges we threw at you. We see bright, articulate, energetic self-starters thriving in our environment. In previous jobs, you might have plateaued after a year, automating yourself into a mundane day-to-day routine devoid of growth and bored out of your mind. This is not that.

Cloud Posse is both a product and professional services company. It just so happens that our product is free (Open Source) and we give it away. Our engagements are short (3-4 months) and constantly evolve our product. It's constantly jolting the brain with another dopamine rush. New challenges. New problems. New ways to solve them. We're not constantly reinventing the wheel like other consulting companies. We are taking that same wheel (our open-source) and polishing it towards perfection. Our customers ensure we're constantly growing by asking us to implement new and challenging capabilities that introduce stress fractures which we address and push our product forward.

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The Basics

TL;DR: We run a distributed team. It's 100% remote. We communicate over slack & zoom. We run daily standups. We use Jira for project management and Harvest for timesheets.

  • 100% Remote Work

    Work from anywhere, just so long as you can overlap with US mainland timezones (US West Coast [PT] — US East Cost [ET])
  • Competitive Pay

    Our compensation is based on a transparent sliding scale of experience. Increase your knowledge and experience to increase your compensation.
  • Communication

    There is reachability at every single level of the team. It is not out of the culture to directly DM the CEO. Your input is heard and discussed on our weekly Architecture Review Board calls.

  • Flexible Time

    Manage your schedule around your life. Want to go to the gym at 3 pm? No problem. We expect you to get your work done on time and communicate transparently when you're running behind, but we're not micromanaging your schedule.

  • Training & Accessible Peers

    You'll be paired with a senior team member. For the first few weeks, we'll work to level you up so you'll learn our stack and processes. We believe there are no stupid questions. We're building a knowledge base. Everyone is kind. Everyone is patient.

  • Benefits

    All the standard benefits, including paid time off, health insurance, and observance of 10 public holidays.

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You can expect...

  • No 24x7 on-call / pager duty responsibilities
  • No staff augmentation
  • Changing projects every few months or sooner
  • Cyclical work enabling you to reset
  • Friendly workplace with zero tolerance for jerks
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How to standout from the crowd...

Here are some pro-tips on how to standout when you meet with us. We recommend you highlight how you standout in any of these areas.
  • Consulting Experience

    You have past consulting experience which has taught you how to talk with customers who are both technical and non-technical, listen, and advise. It's also probably taught you how to diffuse situations working with difficult clients.

  • Awesome GitHub Profile

    You have groomed your GitHub profile and established a history of participating in open source discussions and projects. You are professional in your interactions and always courteous.

  • You Excel at Teaching/Coaching

    You are comfortable jumping on a Zoom call to help teach less experienced engineers complex concepts. You can put yourself in their shoes and try to explain things in a manner they will understand.

  • Write Documentation

    You believe in writing documentation and that it's critical as part of any deliverable. You are able to explain what you've built in a way that customers will understand. You open pull requests to improve documentation when you can.

  • You Enjoy Being Social

    You enjoy being social in a professional community of peers, consisting of other DevOps engineers, SREs, and software developers. You're already participating in some communities.

  • Open Source Background

    You have a background of working with open source projects, contributing back, participating in conversations on GitHub. You have some of your own projects (big or small) that are open source.

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Other Qualifications

You should have experience in the following subject domains.
While we don't use all these technologies, those with experience using them are a better fit.

  • Ideal Experience

    Consulting, Open Source Contributions, Terraform Expert, Programming Experience, EKS, ECS, Kubernetes, Helm, Helmfile, GitHub Actions
    (experience with 4 or more technologies)

  • SRE Experience

    Datadog, OpsGenie, PagerDuty, Prometheus, Prometheus Operator, AlertManager, Grafana
    (experience with 1 or more services)

  • CI/CD Experience

    GitHub Actions, ArgoCD, FluxCD, Spinnaker
    (experience with 2 or more services)

  • Programming Experience

    Golang (Go), Python, Ruby, NodeJS, Java, C/C++
    (proficient in 1 or more languages)

  • AWS Experience

    Let us know if you have any certifications. EKS, RDS Aurora, Transit Gateways, ALBs, WAF, SecurityHub, GuardDuty, ECS, IAM, CloudFormation, Elasticache, Elasticsearch, etc
    (experience with 3 or more services)

  • Nice to Have

    Spacelift, Terraform Cloud, Packer, HashiCorp Vault, Consul, Jenkins, Serverless
    (no experience required)

  • Database Technologies

    Postgres, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, CouchDB, Memcache, Cassandra, EMR, Redshift
    (experience with 2 or more technologies)

  • Core Concepts

    12 Factor Pattern, Immutable Architecture, Infrastructure as Code, Imperative vs Declaritive
    (knowledgable on 2 or more concepts)

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Why we're awesome

Open Source Professional Services

Everything we do is Open Source (APACHE2) and available on our GitHub at github.com/cloudposse. This ensures we deliver quality because our reputation is out in the open. It also means everything needs to be highly repeatable and reusable. That's why we're the largest provider of Open Source Terraform modules you'll find. It also means you'll be able to showcase all your work.

Massive Community

We're all about community. We have 6,000 members, FREE weekly office hours, a popular YouTube channel, and documentation. Our mission is to educate companies on modern DevOps "best practices." We accomplish this by thoroughly documenting everything we do. Everyone on our team contributes so we grow together and iterate toward perfection.

Thought Leaders

Few companies have written as much terraform as we have. Working with hundreds of repos and customers with thousands of terraform root modules, has forced us to come up with innovative ways to work with Infrastructure as Code and how it fits into the bigger picture in order to deliver business value. We practice GitOps, CI/CD, and take security seriously. We leverage Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, and Terraform every day./p>

Challenging Problems

Life's boring without a challenge. That's why we set the bar high! We're a small team charged with managing hundreds of repositories that are downloaded millions of times. Our work sits in the critical path of Fortune 500 companies to bootstrapping startups just starting out. We're constantly kept on our toes by our customers and community who use our tools in new and exciting ways.

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What we do.

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Recent Customers

Medical Devices

Kubernetes, Terraform, Helm, GitHub Actions, WAF, SecurityHub, etc.

Easier way to buy Home Insurance

ECS Fargate, Aurora Postgres, GitHub Actions, Spacelift

Payments for Brick & Mortar

Kubernetes, Helm, Rails, Postgres, Codefresh

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Next Steps...

We are 100% bootstrapped company and only hire when our revenue supports it. If you're inspired by what you've learned about Cloud Posse and our mission, we would love to hear from you. Below, you'll find the positions we are currently looking to fill.

Open Positions

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Frequently Asked Questions


Our community of over 6000+ people is open to everyone. You do not need to be a customer to benefit from our community. We have a VERY active and helpful public slack community that is welcoming of all skill levels and backgrounds.

  1. Go to slack.cloudposse.com to register.
  2. Sign up for our weekly “office hours”

p.s. if you're interested in a career at Cloud Posse, this is a great first step.

Cloud Posse, LLC is based in Los Angeles, CA (USA). We are a 100% remote company. As such, our team is distributed across the the continental United States as well as Eastern Europe.

Yes! We're a 100% remote company.

Please submit your resume as part of the application process by going to our jobs portal.

Someone from our team will contact you if your skills and experience meet the requirements of an open position. Make sure you've applied applied only to positions that match your background, credentials and interests. We receive applicants every day, so please bear with us as we work through the backlog.

No, we do not sponsor H-1B visas. Please let our recruiter know upfront that you require H-1B sponsorship so that they can determine what if any alternative positions are available for remote, off-shore work.

From time-to-time we offer entry-level positions, however, generally, most positions are for senior-level DevOps. Please check our jobs portal to find out if we have any entry-level positions available.

Search and apply for positions on our jobs portal. You can easily apply to available positions simply by using your LinkedIn profile.

No, positions are for full-time subcontracting.

We offer a generous amount of paid time off (PTO), including observance of 10 national holidays.

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