We're a DevOps Accelerator

We help companies own their infrastructure in record time by building it together with your team and then showing them the ropes. We stick around for as long as it takes to see you succeed.

Our SweetOps™ process eliminates the guesswork so you get everything you need for a successful cloud migration from the bottom up. Whether it's supporting the development and creation of software for high-intensity data processing or meeting the strictest benchmark compliance (e.g. HITRUST, PCI/DSS, HIPAA, SOC2 Type II) from top-to-bottom, SweetOps™ has you covered. We've invested years to refine our methodology and develop the largest collection of Open Source terraform modules (over 200 modules!) so you don't have to waste any time getting started.

Let us help you.

We are a team of seasoned DevOps experts that specialize in rapid cloud migrations on AWS using Terraform. We get this stuff. Our reference architectures contain everything your business needs to operate efficiently and reliably. Everything is fully defined with Infrastructure as Code and well-tested with automated tests. Getting started is easy. Take our quiz to book a discovery call. If we're a fit, we'll sign an NDA and get started collaborating on our Engagement Workbook to collect all your requirements.

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How it Works

  • Phase 1: Foundational Infrastructure & Platform

    We'll work with you to build out the solid AWS multi-account architecture including VPCs, Subnets, SCPs, SSO, IAM roles, DNS architecture, etc. We'll deliver a fully automated multi-stage Kubernetes (EKS) or ECS platform solution. Then we'll empower teams to efficiently collaborate on infrastructure in a transparent and secure manner.

  • Phase 2: Foundational Release Engineering (CI/CD)

    We'll enable developers to rapidly deploy software on-the-fly to unlimited preview environments (a.k.a "Review Apps"). We'll help you rapidly deploy software with automatic rollout/rollback to production environments using CI/CD.

  • Phase 3: Foundational Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

    We'll enable you to operate a stable platform with operational visibility into performance, trends, and events. You'll get an incident management architecture built on top of SLIs and SLOs.

  • Phase 4: Foundational Security & Compliance

    We'll help you meet all your benchmark compliance requirements. Our customers are typically subject to strict SOC2 Type II, HIPAA, and PCI/DSS requirements. We'll enable the AWS Conformance Packs required to get you there and remediate all findings.

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Let us help you with your cloud strategy. Our strategy for implementing local development environments is ideal for service-oriented architectures using docker-compose and can be leveraged for Continuous Integration testing as well. We have a comprehensive multi-account strategy for AWS that includes production, staging, dev/sandbox, identity, security/audit and testing accounts to ensure environments share nothing. We practice automated GitOps style rollouts for kubernetes and terraform. Our end-to-end release engineering strategy will set you up with "Unlimited Staging Environments" with continuous integrations and automated deployments to all environments. We've mastered site reliability engineering leveraging Datadog and OpsGenie, delivering monitoring as code so you never miss a beat.


Leverage the best suite of open source technologies to deploy your software in the cloud and reduce years of technical debt eating away at developer productivity and platform stability.


Improve application responsiveness while at the same time reduce your cloud spend by driving up utilization. Use capital more strategically by understanding the total cost of ownership.


Gain the maximum advantage by operating from the cloud. Ensure your cloud infrastructure scales to meet future demand both from customers and your developers.

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What we do best.


Leverage the full suite of AWS security oriented offerings to achieve benchmark compliance. Use Audit Manager for automated evidence collection. Enable AWS-managed Conformance Packs together with AWS Config and Security Hub to automatically identify gaps in your security posture. Everything provisioned 100% using Terraform.

Migrate from Heroku to Kubernetes

Migrate from Heroku to Kubernetes on AWS for maximum flexibility and increased security. Lockdown your databases, cut costs and streamline your application deployment pipeline with literally "Unlimited Staging Environments" (think Heroku style "Review Apps") for any feature branch or pull request. Enable your developers to operate at their fullest potential.

Migrate to Amazon Web Services

We'll help you move all of your services to the AWS cloud and deploy them on Kubernetes. Whether you're in AWS already or in a data center, we'll help you transition from a classically managed Chef/Puppet/Ansible/Salt Stack environment to a fully dockerized environment running on Kubernetes (EKS) or ECS Fargate, all fully defined with Infrastructure as Code using Terraform.

Migrate to Kubernetes

We'll help you migrate from your legacy infrastructure to Kubernetes. You can run your entire stack to run on Kubernetes, complete with automated deployments, end-to-end application and infrastructure monitoring, and graphical dashboards. Everything is 100% Infrastructure as Code and deployed using GitOps style CI/CD pipelines.

Review Apps (aka Preview Apps)

We'll help you set up a release engineering strategy that supports spinning up new environments for any branch or pull request. Automatically notify QA teams when environments are online via Slack notifications as well as destroy environments when pull requests are merged or closed.

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Cloud is a strategy

  • You know you want to move to own your infrastructure. Our objective is to show you how to get there. Technology companies like Google and Netflix have developed innovative ways to manage your cloud infrastructure. Focus on your applications, not your servers. We want to give you the practical tools and the know-how so that you can run this yourself, but be there for you so you're never left hanging.
  • Now you can take the next leap. Let us show you how. How to painlessly deploy software. How to avoid outages with every new release. How to perform rolling updates without any blackouts. How to do fast rollbacks by going back to exactly the version you were previously running. How to know the total cost of ownership. How to cut costs without cutting corners. It's not hype. Talk to us today.

Architecture & Design

  • High Availability Engineering
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Scalability Engineering
  • Gap Assessments
  • Best Practices Implementation
  • Security Audit & Remediation

Integration & Migration

  • App & Infrastructure Migration
  • Performance Optimization
  • Load Testing & Optimization
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Best Practices Implementation
  • Self-Service Tools & Portal

Automation & Management

  • Cloud Orchestration
  • Configuration Management
  • Cloud Management
  • Continuous Integration
  • Automated Deployments
  • Monitoring & Alerting
Our Approach

Frequently Asked Questions


Our Jumpstart track is our fastest implementation.

We create and deploy all configurations using our recommended defaults for the Cloud Posse Reference Architecture for AWS with terraform. It's entirely up and running within 2-4 weeks. Includes access to our documentation, shared workshops for customers, and support via Slack. You can add a support retainer or use professional services to customize the solution as much as you need.

If you have a competent team but need something done quickly for you and have fewer opinions on every design decision that goes into building your AWS infrastructure, then our Jumpstart track is ideal for you.

Our Bootcamp track is our most affordable solution.

We hand you all the configs with our recommended defaults. It is entirely based on our AWS Reference Architecture for terraform. You deploy it with your team. Work at your own pace. Includes access to our documentation. Ask for help during our shared workshops for customers or via Slack.

If your team has the time and is highly knowledgeable on Terraform and AWS, then the Bootcamp track may offer the highest value.

The Enterprise track is our most customizable solution.

We build and deploy your infrastructure using our AWS Reference Architecture for terraform together with your team from the ground up—with weekly check-ins and updates. You team will be assigned Homework assignments and have access to Company Workshops to train with our engineers through pairing sessions. We handle all technical project management and follow our proven, repeatable project plan to ensure successful delivery everytime. As part of this engagement, we revisit every design decision of well-architected infrastructure. If you're subject compliance requirements, we'll deploy the Foundational Security & Compliance pillar and remediate any findings. We'll assist with migration of any workloads and customize anything as needed.

If you want to level up your team or are very interested in reviewing every design decision of well-built infrastructure, plus you have some unique or complex requirements then our Enterprise track is probably best.

Our Professional Services are offered to existing customers to help them customize, extend, or support their infrastructures. No matter which Bootcamp, Jumpstart, or Enterprise track you participate in, we can help you. Our services are offered on a Time & Materials basis on a conventional retainer model.

For existing and past customers, we offer high-touch professional services.

  • Customize anything you need.
  • Build any Terraform modules you want.
  • Write any documentation that is missing.
  • Implement new systems and services
  • Wire up new integrations (E.g. with Okta)
  • Upgrade your infrastructure from top-to-bottom
  • Fill in when you're short of hands
  • Answer any questions you need via Slack or Zoom
  • Perform remote-hands work or pairing sessions via Zoom
  • Workload migrations and migration planning
  • Adopting legacy accounts and workloads into the framework
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