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  • Hands-on Support
  • Feature Enhancements
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Erik Osterman is a technical evangelist and insanely passionate DevOps guru with over 12 years of hands-on experience architecting systems for AWS. After leading major cloud initiatives at CBS Interactive as the Director of Cloud Architecture, he founded Cloud Posse, a DevOps professional services company that helps high-growth Startups and Fortune 500 Companies succeed in cloud by leveraging Terraform and Kubernetes.

Erik Osterman, Founder & CEO
Cloud Posse, LLC

Awesome Feedback

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Professional Service

I've worked with many DevOps consultants in the past and none of them ran their company the way you run Cloud Posse. I must tell you that I'm really impressed with how you run your business—you are doing all the right things.

Head of Platform - Gladly, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

Huge DevOps Ecosystem

Cloud Posse has the cleanest and most concise Terraform AWS modules I've seen. Their ecosystem is one of the best out there and it just continues to grow! I've had the pleasure of learning from the best of the best in the industry and worked with their team on many projects.

Staff Infrastructure Engineer - Nuna Inc.
San Francisco, CA

Amazing Codefresh Partner

I've had the pleasure of working with the Cloud Posse team as a partner across joint accounts but I'm also a user of many of their open source purpose built Docker images to help with Software Development Life Cycle in support of Continuous Integration and Deployment tasks. Their contributions of flexible Docker images has saved me and other users countless hours of development to accomplish tasks around different tools in my DevOps tool chain for example GitHub and Slack. I've also had an opportunity to pair with their team on joint webinars and demos. They have amazing communications skills that enable them to clearly communicate/explain how something works to any developer. This is a must have when engaging large groups of developers with different backgrounds and varying levels of experience in DevOps field.

Senior Solution Architect - Codefresh
Spokane, WA

World Class Infrastructure

Cloudposse has established a fundamental part of our organization's infrastructure. Best in class services such as terraform, k8's, and CI/CD allow us to onboard new developers and have them deploying production code on their first day.

Lead Engineer - Joany, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

Strong Cloud Insights

We got in touch with Cloud Posse when we went from a messy startup cloud to a robust, manageable and enterprise cloud architecture. The thoughtfully fabricated terraform modules, hand picked and modified utilities and the perfect orchestrator 'geodesic' brings in a very solid ITops management experience. Not to forget how responsive is the team.

Head of Engineering -
Bengaluru, India

Expertise in Minutes

Utilizing Cloud Posse on architecting our kubernetes stack was a great choice. Whenever we needed answers/ solutions/examples; Cloud Posse has delivered within minutes. Knowledgeable, swift expertise.

Engineer - TeamEXOS
Los Angeles, CA

Just Amazing Work!

Clearly y'all have put in endless hours on the open source stuff. I just want to thank you for all this goodness! Seriously!

Independent Hacker - Community Member
San Francisco, California

Great Time-saver

Some of their terraform modules saved me hours of hacking and provided me good solutions. Great support!

Oslo, Norway

Build Sweet Infrastructure

I looked into terraform because managing AWS by hand seemed not right. Then I saw the huge, complicated and potent config of terraform and thought "oh well, that will take some months until I get it running". A video on YouTube introduced the concept of terraform modules to me, which led me to find the Cloud Posse repos. Bingo!

Dortmund, Germany

It Should Cost

Cloud Posse's Open Source Software is so vast, stable, and well supported...this flat out should cost money. It feels like Crazy Town to have such a huge library of Terraform modules available for free and support via Slack. Who does this kind of stuff? Cloud Posse does.

They are simply amazing to work with and we use their GitHub as our first source for Terraform modules. I can only imagine how great it would be to work with them on a paid basis.

Lead Infrastructure Developer - Easterseals Bay Area
Walnut Creek, cA

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  • Reduced Risk

    Move faster by doing less R&D and encountering fewer blockers along the way

Experts Advice

Local Development Environments

We share you how you can automate your entire local development environment using docker and docker compose.

Cloud Migrations

We'll share how you can deploy all of your apps on Kubernetes with end-to-end monitoring and CI/CD deployed entirely with Infrastructure as Code.

Automated Deployments

We'll share how you can use Codefresh CI/CD pipelines to run docker compose integration tests and automated deployments to kubernetes.

Best Practices

Terraform Modules

We'll help you improve your terraform skills so that you can implement anything you need.

Helm Charts

We'll advise you on how to write better helm charts to effortlessly deploy your apps on Kubernetes.


We'll show you how to write efficient Dockerfiles to deploy your apps in containers.

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