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Expert Cloud Migrations

We're a DevOps Professional Services Company.

We provide solutions to automate your cloud for 24/7 uptime and 100% efficiency.
Modernize, optimize & maximize your cloud investment.
We'll help you build a world-class infrastructure, while advising you along the way so you can make informed decisions.
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Launching Rockets

Our Mission

To help our clients succeed in the cloud by designing, building and implementing world-class infrastructures that delight developers and satisfy your current and future business needs.

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Commercial Support

Cloud Migrations

Cloud Migrations

Run your software seamlessly on Kubernetes using immutable docker containers and zero-downtime automated deployments using Helm.

Local Development Environments

Dev Environments

Automate your entire local development environment using docker and docker compose. Rapidly onboard new developers and speed up the software development lifecycle.

Release Engineering (CI/CD)

Release Engineering

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with Kubernetes ensure that your software can be reliably released at any time and without downtime.

Automated Deployments

Automated Deployments

Rapidly deploy software with automatic rollout/rollback to production and staging environments. Enable any authorized engineer to effortlessly deploy software with one click. Ensure software can be released at any time for any reason.

Site Reliability Engineering

Site Reliability Engineering

Monitor all resources both internal and external. Collect, aggregate and report on operational logs from all services and machines. Develop KPIs to meet SLAs. Generate meaningful alerts that escalate to the On-Call Engineers only when it matters.


Scale Testing

Know you can scale to meet demand. We have collection of best practices, workflows, scripts and scenarios for load and performance testing of websites and applications (in particular those deployed on Kubernetes clusters)

Training and Support

Training and Support

Foster an engineering culture that embraces ops and dev by cross-training engineers for business continuity and enticing and retaining top talent.

Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

Security needs to be top of mind for all organization as the sophistication of attacks increase and the number of attack vectors multiple.

Gap Assessments

Gap Assessments

We offer a number of comprehensive assessments to grade the maturity of your DevOps “Best Practices”. Learn how you can improve your adoption of Terraform, AWS, Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, and GitHub.

Who are we?

We’re expert cloud architects and seasoned software engineers who get this stuff. We’ll take time to understand both your business needs and technology requirements, allowing us to deliver exactly what you need. Let us solve your headaches.

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Core Expertise

  • coreosAWS

    Amazon is the dominant public cloud provider. We've spent the last decade perfecting our process on Amazon Web Services. We follow the official “Well Architected Framework” and provide all of our reference architectures for free.

  • dockerDocker

    Replaces the traditional Virtual Machines with a light weight alternative ideally suited for micro services. Docker is to the Linux OS what the JVM is to Java Byte Code. Build once, run anywhere. Docker is central to our entire strategy of deploying infrastructure as code.

  • kubernetesKubernetes

    Manages a pool of resources and efficiently schedules containers across the cluster. Handles complex operations such as scaling, deployments, rolling updates, rollbacks, high-availability and service discovery.

  • terraformTerraform

    Provisions your stack on pretty much any cloud provider. We are the largest provider of high quality “Terraform Modules”, which is the secret to maintaining “Infrastructure as Code” for deploying stable, reproducible development and production environments.

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