Here are some references to Cloud Posse around the web.




David Van Valen on Twitter

And it especially would not have been possible without @cloudposse. Eric Osterman is both a wizard and a genius and helped us make this vision of affordable, scalable cloud software possible.

Yusuke KUOKA on Twitter

Helmfile has a Slack channel hosted by @cloudposse now 😊

Ana Leticia on Twitter

@cloudposse you have the coolest presentation slides!!👍👍👍 #SCaLE17X

Brandon Konkle on Twitter

I tried out the @CloudPosse Terraform modules last night, and things went well! I'd definitely recommend them, and I learned a ton about reusable, composable architecture from them:

Enrique Fdez-Polo on Twitter

@cloudposse Thanks for your work!! The terraform modules are pretty awesome!

Nikola Velkovski on Twitter

Since I couldn't find any terraform module for CloudWatch agent I've created one, along with a blog post describing how it works and how can it be used. Many thanks to @cloudposse for hosting it! #terraform #cloudposse #cloudlad

Josh Myers on Twitter

Loving all the hard work that has gone into the Terraform registry and associated modules, especially some of the #cloudposse stuff!