Cloud Posse is a Professional Services company, but not just any kind: we are a DevOps Accelerator. That means we help our customers reach higher states of nirvana through DevOps methodologies by following our tried-and-true best practices.

Please check out our other services like the Bootcamp, Jumpstart or Enterprise tracks, if you've not already gone through our accelerator program.

Existing or Past Customers

For existing and past customers, we offer high-touch professional services.

  • Build any Terraform modules you want.
  • Write any documentation that is missing.
  • Implement new systems and services
  • Wire up new integrations (E.g. with Okta)
  • Upgrade your infrastructure from top-to-bottom
  • Fill in when you're short of hands
  • Answer any questions you need via Slack or Zoom
  • Perform remote-hand work or pairing sessions via Zoom
  • Workload migrations and migration planning
  • Adopting legacy accounts and workloads into the framework
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Additionally, many customers reach back out to us when they are ready for their next stage of growth or journey. Perhaps your company skipped over some of our more advanced offerings on Security and Compliance, Release Engineering, or Site Reliability Engineering. We can help update you on the latest and greatest.

What if we just need some help?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide the level of service at the standard we hold ourselves to for customers who have not gone through one of our accelerator programs. We cannot account for an infinitesimal number of CI/CD platforms, terraform configurations, tools, monitoring systems, AWS architectures, etc. It's an entirely different business model to support those kinds of customers, therefore it's better to seek out a partner that specializes in those kinds of engagements.

What if we already use a lot of your Terraform Modules?

First of all, we're flattered. Nothing makes us happier than hearing other companies are using our software. That's why we started this business.

Our support is based on how we implement our Terraform Modules in our reference architecture. We have a prescriptive, repeatable approach that we follow which leverages our component library together with our atmos tooling. There are plenty of other great ways to provision and manage infrastructures with tools such terragrunt and this is not a criticism of alternative approaches, but just to say we're not the best to support them. We're 100% invested in our repeatable process.

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