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Want to be surrounded by experienced DevOps with a history of building world-class infrastructure? Does your DevOps team operate in isolation? Do you lack the ability to bounce ideas off others and struggle to stay up to date with everything going on in this fast moving industry? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then we are here to fix that. We invite you to be a part of our community! Chat with us on Slack. Banter with us on Office Hours via Zoom. Stay on top of industry news with our newsletter. We are a trusted resource for anyone looking to make an informed decision regarding their current and future DevOps needs.

The Power of Community

Kudos again to this slack team. Cloud Posse being an open source DevOps hub is really a great thing. I often talk to other DevOps peeps and mention Cloud Posse and this culture.

— Ryan Smith
Sr. DevOps Engineer at Calm


Got Problems? Get Answers.

We started SweetOps first and foremost to provide a means for our passionate users to ask questions and get answers, but also to improve collaboration between organizations and promote re-use. Our members know that if stuff breaks or they are having trouble figuring something out, there's always someone there to help.

Well, here is how you can participate! See you around... 😃


Frequently Asked Questions


SweetOps is a community that is run by Cloud Posse. It exists as a place for our users to collaborate and ask questions related to our large collection of open source projects on GitHub, but also to talk shop and get feedback on anything DevOps related.

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Cloud Posse is not affiliated with the repository, but many users of this organization participate in our SweetOps slack team in the #terraform-aws-modules channel.

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You do not need to be a customer to benefit from our community. We have a VERY active and helpful public slack community. Go to

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We recommend you first sign up for our slack team. Then join the #office-hours slack channel and ask your question there. We'll make sure to address it on our next call. Of course, you can always just join us this week and ask us there.

You're other option is to register for our FREE weekly office hours. We host these calls every Wednesday at 11:30am PT.

No, it's absolutely FREE for anyone to attend.

Cloud Posse holds public “Office Hours” every Wednesday at 11:30 am PT to answer questions on all things related to DevOps, Terraform, Kubernetes, CI/CD. Basically, it's like an interactive “Lunch & Learn” session where we get together for about an hour and talk shop with our community. These are totally free and just an opportunity to ask us (or our community of experts) any questions you may have.

You can register here:

Join the conversation in our SweetOps slack #office-hours channel:

What to expect…

  • Live Q&A. Ask questions and get answers. We're usually about 30+ people on the call.
  • News & Announcements. We'll share cool things we're working on at Cloud Posse along with any cool announcements or projects we come across.
  • Live Demos. Watch live demos of some of the things we're building here at Cloud Posse. Also, tune in if you want to share any open source projects you're working on.
  • Special Guest Speakers. From time to time we'll bring on special guests who will talk at length on something relevant for our community.

Sign up for our Slack Community

SweetOps is a collaborative DevOps community for engineers of all skill levels. We go out of our way to help others master the tools of our trade. We've added over a thousand new members in the past year alone. Plus, we have Slack archives from the beginning of time so it's easy to find what you're looking for.

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Step 2. Join us for our Weekly "Office Hours" Round Table


We hold “Office Hours” with our community every Wednesday at 11:30am PST to answer questions on all things DevOps, Terraform, Kubernetes, CI/CD related. We're usually about 18-25 people gathered on the Zoom call.

These roundtable discussions are totally free and really just an opportunity to talk shop with our community of DevOps experts. Come here to collaborate on answers, solutions, and ideas about the products and services we value. It only takes a minute to sign up and join our Zoom meeting.

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Step 3. Sign up for our Monthly Newsletter

This is a monthly newsletter that covers everything on our technology radar. Stay up to date with interesting links shared by our SweetOps community. Receive updates from Cloud Posse on what we're up to on our GitHub as well as awesome new projects that we discover. Have a suggestion? Let us know!
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Step 4. Join our Discourse Forum for Deeper Discussions


SweetOps is a collaborative DevOps community that is passionate about solving real problems and helping others. This is a place where we can have organized discussions around specific issues and technologies that we use to achieve totally Sweet Ops. This forum provides answers to commonly asked questions. Most questions will be related to the enormous number of projects we support on our GitHub. We welcome engineers from around the world of all skill levels, backgrounds, and experience to join us! This is the best place to talk shop, ask questions, solicit feedback, and work together as a community to build sweet infrastructure.

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Step 5. Sign up for our Meetup (we live stream)

This group is targeted to those interested in cloud automation & config management, with a specific emphasis on Kubernetes/Docker, Helm, Prometheus, CI/CD, Microservices, etc. All skill levels are welcome. This group was started to meet other local DevOps enthusiasts so we can all learn from each other's experiences. As always, we look forward to talking shop with you. Meetups are hosted around Los Angeles, CA but also live streamed on Zoom.

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Step 6. Subscribe to our Podcast


We syndicate our weekly "office hours" as a podcast so you can tune in and listen when it's convenient for you.

You'll get to learn about what others are up to as we do a live "Q&A" and share possible solutions and some ideas about the products and services we value. 

Learn from your peers and other subject matter experts, share best-practices, suggest new features, and stay in the know on all things SweetOps.

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Step 7. Get Some Sweet Merch

Support our community and represent what we're all about. We have tons of merch ranging from laptop stickers, to coffee mugs, to iPhone cases, to sweatshirts. We will be adding more of your favorite SweetOps & Cloud Posse-branded gear over the coming months, so please check back periodically!

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Community Feedback

Love the way people are so updated here with new upgrade and it's quite handy for any DevOps Engineer. I've recommended about 8-10 friends already and they all enjoy it!

Sharanya Reddy

Senior DevOps Engineer at Vertex Inc.

初めて Terraform の Community Module 使ったけど、Cloudposse さんのはどれもいい感じ。てか読んでて勉強になる。


Erik and his team worked on the new infrastructure-as-code build from scratch with us at Checkatrade. It was a pleasure to work with him, super communicative, super knowledgeable, and really delivered, as well as an all-round great person! I hope our paths cross in future!

Jason Green


Great stuff guys. Keep up the good work. Saves us a lot of time.

Rob Callahan

Senior DevOps Engineer at VT iDirect

It feels like I can't work without #terraform anymore without using a module from the awesome @cloudposse repositories!

Michael Anckaert