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Embark on your DevOps journey with Cloud Posse and accelerate your path to success today. Recognizing the uniqueness of every organization, we provide tailored DevOps strategies designed to scale and thrive. Our diverse range of tracks caters to your specific needs, goals, and budget. Choose the optimal delivery model for your growth stage and benefit from our industry-leading infrastructure code library for AWS, powered by Terraform and fully documented. With Cloud Posse's expertise and our vibrant community of over 6,000 professionals collaborating to drive DevOps innovation, experience customized solutions, seamless integration, and unparalleled performance on your journey to DevOps mastery.

All tracks offer access to optional support retainers customized to provide the precise assistance your team requires for continued success and seamless operations. Elevate your DevOps experience with tailored support that caters to your unique needs.

Comparison Matrix

Here's how our different tracks compare. Which one is right for you? If you need help navigating which track is best for your company, booking a meeting with us to review the options is a good idea. Just answer a few quick questions, and you'll be able to select a time to meet with a highly technical solutions engineer.

Curious how they compare?
Complete Terraform Reference Architecture* (see breakdown)
Customer Workshops with Cloud Posse
Hands-on Support Retainer (optional)
Access to Customer Documentation (1 year)
Your AWS Infrastructure
GitOps Workflows
GitHub Action CI/CD Workflows
Deployed by Cloud Posse
Weekly Check-ins
Architectural Design Records (ADRs)
Security & Compliance (e.g. SOC2, HIPAA, PCI/DSS)
Revisit Every Design Decision
Regular Live Demos
US-based Engineers
Technical Project Management
White Glove Service (e.g., Custom Architectures, New Modules)
Workload Migration
The Cloud Posse DevOps Accelerator Tracks
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Value Breakdown

The value of our services depends on what you need to solve today and how quickly you need to realize it. If your team has the time and is highly knowledgeable on Terraform and AWS, then the Bootcamp track may offer the highest value. If you have a competent team but need something done quickly for you and have fewer opinions on every design decision that goes into building your AWS infrastructure, then our Jumpstart track is ideal for you. If you want to level up your team or are very interested in reviewing every design decision of well-built infrastructure, plus you have some unique or complex requirements then our Enterprise track is probably best.

Curious how the values compare?
Value ComparisonBootcampJumpstartEnterprise
Ideal Company StageBootstrapped Company
Angel/Seed-round Startups
Small business
Angel/seed Round Startups
Pre-product businesses
Series A-E Startups
Midsize-Large Businesses
F100-F1000 Enterprises
Architecture Complexity SimpleAdvancedComplex
Required Terraform ExperienceExpertModerateBeginner
Cost of Implementation$$$$$$
Our Delivery TimeDaysWeeksMonths
Your Implementation TimeAs fast as you can move on your ownAs fast as you can move after we deliver itAs fast as we can move together
Choose the right track based on where you will receive the maximum ROI.

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Here's how we stand out in the crowded pack of DevOps Professional Services companies.

We specialize in Terraform. We've written more Open Source modules than any other company out there.

Terraform makes a lot of sense because it's arguably the most established language for Infrastructure as Code. That means as a business you'll find the most talent that knows how it works. There's tons of documentation on how to use it. A considerable community surrounds it. HashiCorp (NASDAQ: HCP) is a public company behind Terraform, so it's here to stay, reducing some of the risks in adopting the language.

There are a lot of alternatives to Terraform these days. Make sure you pick what makes the most sense for your company.

Terraform Alternatives

  • Pulumi
  • CDK
  • CDK TF
  • Cloudformation
  • Serverless Framework (specifically for lambda-style applications; not a complete replacement for terraform, but an excellent choice for companies doing a lot of serverless development)

We are a Professional Services company that specializes in delivering Open Source solutions. Most of our deliverables are Open Source and licensed under APACHE2.

This means that as customers invest in Cloud Posse, they are investing in Open Source as a whole. They are advancing the industry and contributing back. Rather than invest in closed-source, which dies a slow painful death within the confines of a private GitHub, the code customers pay us to develop lives on. It continuously receives updates and contributions from our vast community of 6000+ people.

Cloud Posse is a DevOps Accelerator. We help companies implement their AWS architectures the right way using Terraform. A “DevOps Accelerator” is a subcategory of Professional Services. It means that the provider has a proven, systematic, and repeatable process to help companies achieve a certain level of organizational “DevOps” maturity.

Our process consists of our project plan that takes a company through its journey of migrating or replatforming on AWS. It's repeatable because we use our reference architecture and our open source to continually iterate on the same, effective solution, ensuring we are successful every time.

We specialize on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which says a lot. There are hundreds of services offered by AWS, which is why we have so much Terraform. Staying on top of it is difficult enough[1]https://aws.amazon.com/new/; new services and features are released daily.

Companies that specialize in multiple platforms (e.g. AWS, Azure, GCP, et al) are spreading themselves thin. In order to maintain a repeatable, cohesive solution, specialization is a requirement. That's why as a DevOps Accelerator, we've deliberately decided to only specialize in Amazon, which has allowed us to go deep and develop a mastery of provisioning AWS services with Terraform.


Problems We Solve

Customers who reach out to Cloud Posse frequently suffer from these problems.

Hiring for DevOps is probably the hardest, most competitive position for companies. The best candidates receive multiple offers, with steep price tags. Recruiters charge a 20-30% finders fee on top of a $150K-$250K base salary for a US-based Senior DevOps Engineer and don't guarantee an outcome on that investment. On top of that, the reality is that not all businesses have problems attracting talented engineers, and even if you do, they may churn after only a year.

Why compromise?

When you work with Cloud Posse, we provide a guaranteed outcome on time and within budget. We have some of the best engineers working on these problems, and we're always there for you.

The unfortunate consequence of successful businesses that move quickly is that they pile up technical debt in the form of outdated technology choices, software that is many versions behind the latest releases, known/unknown security vulnerabilities, and Rube Goldberg apparatuses that only the inventors could understand. As technology teams churn, newer generations of engineers are left to care for this baggage. On the surface, business operations may seem fine, but there's a dumpster fire simmering. The team's time will be spent unnecessarily putting out fires as they come up, unable to focus their attention on innovation and solving the business's core needs.

When you work with Cloud Posse, we can help you plot a course to eradicate the technical debt associated with your cloud infrastructure deployments. We start with a net new AWS organization and migrate over only services that you depend on. What's left is an old tainted AWS organization that can be sunset and a new pristine organization enabling developers to unencumbered to deliver software to customers faster and more reliably.