Storage Virtualization: Technologies for Simplifying Data Storage and Management: Technologies for Simplifying Data Storage and Management
Tag: Storage Area Network
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Publication Year: 2005
Length: 264 pages
ASIN: 0321262514
ISBN: 9780321262516

Evaluating, Planning, and Implementing High-Value Storage Virtualization Solutions. Storage virtualization has come of age, offering IT professionals powerful new ways to simplify infrastructure, streamline management, improve utilization, and reduce costs. Now, the author of the best-selling storage guides IP SANs and Designing Storage Area Networks presents an up-to-the-minute, vendor-neutral overview of storage virtualization in all its forms. Writing for IT managers, administrators, architects, analysts, consultants, and vendors, Tom Clark explains everything from the basics to the latest emerging standards. Storage Virtualization uses realistic examples and diagrams to explain each key concept, concluding with case studies that demonstrate real-world implementation and help you assess the technology s business value. technologies and the marketplace. Relationships among files, records, data on disk, and storage interconnections. Virtualization standards, including the Fabric Application Interface Standard. How multiple storage systems are abstracted into virtual storage pools. Host-based virtualization, array-based virtualization, and virtualization appliances. Virtualization services for high availability and heterogeneous storage applications. Virtualized SAN file systems that simplify file management and support distributed computing. Virtualized tape backup, including Redundant Array of Independent Tape (RAIT) devices Policy-based storage management, application-sensitive virtualization intelligence, and other high-level automation and virtualization services. The future of storage virtualization and storage utilities. Extensive resource listings: vendors, industry organizations, and standards initiatives(c) Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.

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