Lee Atchison

Architecting for Scale

Architecting for Scale

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As web applications grow, two things begin to happen. They become significantly more complicated and hence brittle, and they handle significantly larger traffic volume requiring more novel and complicated mechanisms to handle this traffic. This can lead to a death spiral for an application that can lead to brownouts, blackouts, and other quality of service and availability problems.

This book helps you avoid this death spiral by teaching you basic techniques for building applications that can reliably handle huge quantities of traffic, as well as huge variability in traffic without impacting the quality your customers expect.

You’ll learn about:

Service Oriented Architectures, including services and microservices, for building distributed systems that are more resilient to localized failures
Building systems with failures in mind to help you develop robust designs and systems emerge that reduce brittleness and result in higher availability
Forward-looking risk management for identifying system problems
Scaling your engineering team to build and manage web applications that scale successfully
Monitoring and responsiveness to quickly identify problems when your application begins to act abnormally

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