Public “Office Hours” (2021-11-03)

Erik OstermanOffice Hours

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Here's the recording from our DevOps “Office Hours” session on 2021-11-03.

We hold public “Office Hours” every Wednesday at 11:30am PST to answer questions on all things DevOps/Terraform/Kubernetes/CICD related.

These “lunch & learn” style sessions are totally free and really just an opportunity to talk shop, ask questions and get answers.

Register here:

Basically, these sessions are an opportunity to get a free weekly consultation with Cloud Posse where you can literally “ask me anything” (AMA). Since we're all engineers, this also helps us better understand the challenges our users have so we can better focus on solving the real problems you have and address the problems/gaps in our tools.

[00:00:00​] Intro
[00:01:07​] Detect deprecated APIs in use by your K8s cluster
[00:02:45​] Amazon EKS Managed Node Groups adds native support for Bottlerocket
[00:05:37​] How to Justify your trip to re:Invent
[00:06:09​] Live Demo with Anton Babenko using Spacelift
[00:06:40​] AWS Secrets Manager Now Supports 500K secrets per account
[00:13:38​] ECS Fargate for Windows
[00:16:23] Run any VM in a pod using kubevirt
[00:19:00​] CloudFront adds HTTP Headers Natively without Lambdas
[00:21:45​] Suppose you have a K8S cluster per team, would you do a VPC per cluster ? Or VPC per stage (Prod/staging/testing) ?
[00:35:04​] How to pass information between Terraform and the Helm Chart (deployed via Argo) ?
[00:44:55​] How to programmatically fetch and update EKS Addons?
[00:58:58​] Outro
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Erik Osterman is a technical evangelist and insanely passionate DevOps guru with over a decade of hands-on experience architecting systems for AWS. After leading major cloud initiatives at CBS Interactive as the Director of Cloud Architecture, he founded Cloud Posse, a DevOps Accelerator that helps high-growth Startups and Fortune 500 Companies own their infrastructure in record time by building it together with customers and showing them the ropes.