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Own your infrastructure for a fraction of the cost in half the time. We build it and give you the keys.

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Our Customers include Billion-Dollar Startups.

They've Raised Over

$400M +

Their Investors Need No Introduction.

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What is a DevOps Accelerator?

We eliminate the guesswork of building and owning your cloud infrastructure.

Your business is growing. If you don’t own the infrastructure behind it, you won’t be able to handle it. You need to be able to respond to all the unknowns and curveballs thrown your way.  Remember, when a unicorn falls, the rider goes down with it...

To be able to get to the next level that your business is headed to, you need to step up your game.

We’ve helped companies just like yours get to where they want to be with their cloud infrastructure and platform in record time because this is what we do. We have a very specific mission with a laser focus, that’s why we have such a high success rate. It's what we call SweetOps™.


  • We Build Your Infrastructure.

    We implement everything you need from your cloud platform using Infrastructure as Code.

  • You Own It.

    You achieve it in just a few months. We give you the keys (superpowers).

  • You Drive It.

    Customize everything or anything you want.

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You get a predictable outcome that is delivered on time and within budget.

There are no long term commitments. No license fees. No strings attached.

Plus, we stick around for as long as you need our help. 

Seems like pretty good deal, right?

Core Concept ✓

Here is the core concept: If you can understand this, everything will make sense. 

  1. You need to own your infrastructure because it’s your competitive advantage.
    In order for you to build a successful startup or SaaS business and keep up with how fast you’re moving, you need to own your infrastructure and build it to serve you. 

  2. Most teams lack sufficient in-house experience to build it and need outside help.
    You need to be subject matter experts in your industry and vertical, not on cloud automation. Focus on the things you do best.

  3. We’re the only company that gives startups what they need.
    No other company is helping companies implement this stuff from beginning to end, so you can own it except us.

We have a proven track record of delivering exactly what our customers expect. Afterward partnering with us, our customers are better off and better educated on what it takes to operate modern DevOps machinery that they own.

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Why DevOps is a Business Enabler

DevOps, as we all know, is a trendy buzz word, so what does it actually mean? It’s been so overloaded and misused it can almost mean anything these days, along with words like transformative, cloud, AI/ML, and blockchain.

We get that. But here’s what it means to us.

In the preceding decades, infrastructure was strictly physical hardware. It required humans to physically rack and stack machines in data centers, configure network switches, etc. These days, on the other hand, all that has been virtualized—its software-defined. Under the hood, it’s all the same stuff; it’s just the common element—the human operator—your team—now deals with software rather than hardware for configuration. 

This is what makes DevOps possible. The walls have been broken down so that developers can now write “Infrastructure as Code.” Since it’s all software, it can be automated and iterated on. For example, we can do automated testing, continuous delivery, and code reviews. So DevOps is really the fusion of these disciplines. It’s taking the best of the Software Development mindset and applying it to Operations. 

But you may be surprised that the benefits to your business go even further.

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  • Increased Agility

    More time to innovate on product, rather than fix & maintain antiquated manually provisioned infrastructure

  • Faster Delivery of Features

    Evolve to meet complex business requirements your customers demand, and your competitors can't offer

  • Control Costs

    Gain the visibility you need in order to optimize workloads so you can do more while spending less


  • Continuous Delivery, Automated Testing

    Smaller more frequent changes are easier to test and mean your team can develop faster

  • Increased Effectiveness

    Faster resolution of problems so you have more stable operating environments

  • Greater Visibility

    More stable operating environments with faster recovery times and lower change failure rates


  • Happier Teams

    Happier, more engaged teams with higher employee engagement and satisfaction

  • Better Communication

    Improved communication and collaboration between teams and your executives

  • Personal Growth

    Greater professional development opportunities for your team

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Your infrastructure and its capabilities are what limits your ability to grow your company based on what you can or cannot do and how fast or long it will take.

Now, unlike your product, your customers probably don’t care what your infrastructure looks like as long as their data is safe and online. However, your developers do. It’s what makes their job easier when done right. With the right infrastructure, your developers can take advantage of all the APIs and services available by cloud providers like Amazon. 

Infrastructure that is well designed ensures you capture the entirety of what makes your business successful down to the nuts and bolts. 

Automation is what allows you to create and replicate your systems at a low cost and avoid the expense of manual effort and human error. Automation, therefore, is a force multiplier. It’s how you continue to scale your success.

The faster your developers can move with the least impedance, the more agile your business, and the faster you can run circles around your competition. They’ll be scratching their heads, trying to figure out how you pulled it off.

Infrastructure automation, therefore, is not an afterthought. It’s because of this, you have a product that your customers can come to use reliably. It’s because of it you have the confidence to scale your business and meet your customers' requirements for security and compliance.


Why You Need to Own Your Infrastructure

DevOps is the foundation of everything your business will do or be capable of doing.

Can you name a billion-dollar company that runs its entire product on a managed platform like Heroku? You probably can't. That's because when you enter the big leagues, you cannot afford to take that risk. 

When you can rapidly respond to yet unknown requirements your business faces, that is a competitive advantage that is difficult to replicate. Anything short of this will be stifling for your startup. It’s just a matter of time.

  • You need to own your process (it's your intellectual property)
  • Your process is your Intellectual Property
  • Your requirements will change (it's only a matter of time)
  • It needs to evolve with your business (evolve or die)
  • Your platform needs to keep up

Once you own it, your developers will love you for it, and your customers will appreciate the outcome!

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Who This Is For...

We’ve been around the block a few times and seen what works and what doesn’t. 

Let's make sure we can help you.

You're a tech-savvy startup founder who wants to achieve BIG things fast. You can't move fast enough because of your infrastructure and general lack of automation.

  • Venture-Backed Startups

    You're a venture-backed Startup aiming for unicorn status (e.g. Series A-D). Investors are putting pressure on you to take ownership of your infrastructure.

  • Complex Software Architecture

    You're a business with complex requirements where Heroku just won’t cut it. You started with an MVP and now have a full-blown micro-services architecture. You have to level up before bad things don't happen.

  • Moving Very Fast

    Technology-driven and moving very fast (e.g. you know what you’re doing!) Overwhelming amount of things you want to achieve in a short amount of time.

    You're a CTOs or VP Engineering who has been pushing off owning your platform infrastructure and now need to act fast. This is a big problem for you right now.

    • Can’t Ship Features Fast Enough

      You can’t ship features fast enough, and everyone is frustrated. You have smart teams who lack cloud expertise or bandwidth to master it.

    • PCI & SOC Compliance Requirements

      You may have Strict PCI & SOC Compliance Requirements. Deals are hung up on meeting them. You're far from reaching it today. Competitors will eat your lunch if you don't get it.

    • Need Shortest Path to Success

      You need the shortest path to owning your infrastructure. You want someone to show you the ropes and help you get there FAST!

    If this sounds like your situation, then you can’t fix any of this because of your infrastructure. You are now the blocker, and it's probably the last thing you want. If you're getting pressured on delivering a solution,  then you know that you need to act, but fast thinking & acting is what got you here. 

    People within your company might be telling you it’s easy, but your experience tells you otherwise. As someone with an engineering background, you have a hard time believing claims that you can have your infrastructure built in about a day. And we agree.  

    You would love to get a handle on your platform situation and come up with a game plan, but you can’t spend forever researching it. You have enough on your plate already. Maybe your team has been floating ideas around about moving to kubernetes and introducing CI/CD, but the amount of information and conflicting opinions is frankly overwhelming. On top of that, you tried to do this yourself in-house, but that has also gone nowhere because everyone is slammed, and you might not even have the right skill sets in-house. 

    So maybe you’re trying to hire the team right now which you can entrust to architect your new platform, but discovered it’s so insanely competitive out there (not to mention expensive!) 

    You know you need to take the next step. That’s why you’re here.

    If any of this sounds like you, the first thing you should know is that you are not alone. We’ve helped companies just like yours get to where you want to be with your infrastructure in record time because this is what we do.

    So scroll down to find out how, by partnering with Cloud Posse, you will achieve Sweet Ops™.

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    Their words.

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    Great for...

    Our customers operate in highly regulated industries and include many Software-as-a-Service startups. Their requirements are strict and they run complex software stacks.

    • Financial Services
    • Health Industry
    • Enterprise SaaS
    • Consumer SaaS

    Cool, I get it. How much does it cost?

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    We Deliver Outcomes that Matter.

    Here's what our customers experienced in their own words before we helped them out.
    This is what we deliver in a fraction of the time it would take to do it in-house.
    Our repeatability and track record ensures your success.



    No record of changes (aka "Click Ops")

    Stressful error prone manual deployments

    Developers were frustrated and blocked by others

    Projects were behind schedule and deadlines missed

    Everyone's fingers were touching production & breaking it

    Single staging environment that was constantly broken

    Rigid architecture made modifications difficult

    Costs were high and resources severely underutilized

    PCI Compliance impossible and BIG deals held up

    Infrastructure looked like a dinosaur and hard to maintain


      100% Infrastructure as Code stored on GitHub

      Automated zero-downtime deployments and rollbacks

      Teams act autonomously to build and deploy apps

      Projects released faster with fewer bugs

      Every change is peer-reviewed and automatically deployed

      Unlimited staging environments are spun up on-demand

      Declaratively build and deploy net-new apps in minutes

      Better economies of scale with total cost visibility

      PCI Compliance achieved. Enterprise deals closed.

      DevOps automation reduced stress and grew productivity

      But Who This Is Not For...

      As a DevOps accelerator who partners with you to build awesome infrastructure that you own, we think it’s important to be upfront about what that entails and what Cloud Posse is not. 


      • We don’t do one-off bespoke solutions. We implement our proven solution every time.  
      • We don’t do staff augmentation. That's a totally different kind of company.
      • We’re not your typical “DevOps as a Service” company. They can't do what we do as fast as we do it.

      And we certainly won’t build your mobile site or do your SEO. 😁


      We have a very specific mission, so we fully recognize what we do is not for every company. That’s why we have such a high success rate.


      • Could your app easily run on Heroku or Serverless instead?

        Because the kinds of apps we deploy for our customers typically can’t run on platforms like that because they are too complex or have security requirements that prevent it.

      • Are you looking primarily for someone to run things for you?

        One of our goals is to empower our customers to take over everything once we’re done. If you lack the in-house resources to take over operating things, when we’re done, that could be a problem. You own it, after all. That’s why we want to teach you how to fish.

      • Can the number of developers in your company be counted on one hand?

        The reason we ask is our release engineering process has been optimized for companies that can benefit from being able to deploy as many short-lived environments as they want and to have a runway that allows multiple teams to collaborate and deploy software without stepping all of each other. If these don't sound like problems you need to address right now, then our process might actually slow you down, and it’s better that we wait until you grow a little bit more.

      • Is using AWS a deal-breaker for your company?

        As an AWS partner, we specialize in the services they offer and the benefits we can provide. There are a lot of awesome competing cloud offerings out there; we just wouldn’t be the best to support it.

      • Are you against using tools like Terraform, Docker, or Kubernetes?

        These tools are the cornerstones of our solution because they allow for maximum automation and repeatability across organizations.

      If any of your answers to these questions are yes, then maybe we are not a good fit for your company at this time.


      Our goal is not to sell you on a solution that you don’t need or one that will frankly be overkill for you. We work best with companies that have some experience running their apps in containers, using AWS in some capacity, companies that flexible in adopting the open-source tools we deliver as part of our solution.


      We have a proven and repeatable strategy for companies that fit our profile. That’s why we kick ass at what we do.

      Quick & Dirty Benefits

      In order to be in full control of your company's destiny, you need to drive it.
      You need to own your infrastructure, and it needs to be done the right way from the start.
      That's what we do. This is what you get for a fraction of the cost in half the time.

      • Build a Better Foundation

        With our proven "Reference Architecture," you'll have a Multi-Account AWS Architecture (7+ accounts) and a secure baseline to run all your services. Segment software with "physical" account boundaries. Our design is highly secure and ideal for PCI/SOC compliance. Benefit from Infrastructure that scales to support future demands of the business with less technical debt.

      • Release Faster to Customers

        Fully automate "Zero Downtime Deployments" enable teams to to deploy all software and without human intervention rapidly. Easy Rollbacks ensure you have recourse if something goes wrong. Multiple strategies can be used, including Rolling, Blue/Green, Canary Rollouts.

      • Practice Better QA

        Our "Unlimited Staging Environments" strategy provides the same functionality as Heroko "Review Apps," only better because they are unlimited! We enable your developers to bring up a short-lived disposable environment for every branch or pull request. These environments are automatically cleaned up when there no longer needed, saving the company money. These environments are ideal for customer demos (aka demo environments).

      • Unblock Developers to Move Faster

        Developers are your most expensive investment. Empowering developers to work autonomously with self-service infrastructure will pay dividends in productivity and maximize your ROI.

      • Monitor Everything Better

        We provide better observability for the things you care about. Leverage "monitoring as code" so that your applications define the metrics, alerts, and escalations they care about. Use beautiful, well-crafted monitoring dashboards. Respond to actionable alerts. Receive Slack notifications. Escalate events to PagerDuty. Search all your application logs with Kibana and ElasticSearch.

      • Reduce Your OpEx

        Everything is built entirely on free software. It's all Open Source, and it's all yours. You drive it. You control it. We provide all essential boilerplate software. No long term license fees required. SaaS subscriptions reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.

      • Predictable Results Delivered On Time

        Don't hire a team that's just going to reinvent the wheel all over for you. Avoid the minefield of failed projects and misunderstood technologies. Avoid all the common pitfalls. Instead, benefit from the expertise of thousands of peer-reviewed Pull Requests, tens of thousands of hours all made available on our GitHub. When you work with us, you'll have the peace of mind knowing exactly what you'll get works based on experience and is delivered on time, every time.

      • Cheaper Than "Do It Yourself"

        You can hire 2-3 experienced DevOps engineers to build out your platform, and it may work, but zero guarantees other than it will cost 2-3x. We'll rapidly level up your team's skillset set, increasing their value to your company.

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      Do You Know What It Takes?

      Before you call a meeting and tell everyone you've decided to go build your own infrastructure, let's make sure you know what this is going to take to get there and ask the right questions. If things like the “AWS Well-Architected Framework,” or the “BeyondCorp Security Model” and the “CIS Foundations Benchmarks” are unfamiliar, then there may be a very big gap between where you are today and where you want to be.

      The reason why we're telling you this is we&'ve seen a lot of companies who've tried and failed to reach their goal. If you haven't done this before, it could really take a long time before you get it right.

      We want to give you more insights into what it actually takes to own your infrastructure by breaking it down into the 5 phases that will help get you there. 

      Here is what we follow and is based on our experience of what works.

      • Rollout Platform & Infrastructure

        Build a scalable, adaptable, secure platform that you can trust to power your business as it grows.

      • Implement Release Engineering with CI/CD

        Ensure your business is able to consistently ship features faster and more reliably to its customers

      • Establish Security & Compliance

        Secure your platform for your customers and meet your compliance obligations

      • Invest in Site Reliability Engineering

        Let your team sleep well at night and kick ass during the day. (Your customers love you for it)

      • Develop Training with Documentation

        Empower your teams to confidently operate the platform (and survive getting “hit by a bus.”)

      When you introduce DevOps practices into your organization, it will enable your business to move faster with greater confidence. This is what's going to allow you to build a company that keeps up with how fast you're moving. When you own your infrastructure, it serves you.

      Don't underestimate the effort of taking a "proof of concept" cloud platform and operationalizing it all the way to production. There's a lot that can go wrong when you haven't done it before. There's a lot that needs to happen in order to get it right.

      So how confident do you feel right now about achieving your goal?

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      You want ops? This is it.

      Option 1: Do it Yourself

      You'll have no idea if or when it'll get done or how much it will ultimately cost you. It's difficult to anticipate all the things that can go wrong, which is why many engineering projects fail. Mistakes will increase your implementation cost, delay timelines, and cause projects to suffer. So, make sure to consider the following...

      • You May Not Know What You Need

        Your team may not have the necessary experience to build your cloud platform and infrastructure from the ground up, especially if they've never done it before. Good requirements don't always produce the right outcomes.

      • You May Have False Starts

        Your team will get it right the first time, and you can sacrifice 6-12 months for implementation. Our average turnaround for our customers is 3 months.

      • You May Lack In-house Skillsets

        You'll be able to attract and retain top talent within a reasonable amount of time. They understand the full scope of work and common pitfalls. This is essential to develop a solid project plan that ensures success.

      • You May Fail to Launch

        You'll be making commitments to the business on when this will get done, but in reality, have very little control over your success. Any mistakes can easily delay projects for many months.

      • You May Get Derailed

        Your team has a lot of different responsibilities and a finite amount of time to get it done. If other priorities come up, you might never finish.

      Option 2: Hire us to Built It

      Working with us gives you peace of mind. We're experts at what we do. We love our job, and we never get bored doing it. Our experience ensures you get what you expect and when you need it. You only pay for what we deliver. We don't require any long-term commitments or massive retainers. 

      • We've Invested Years

        Cloud Posse has spent the last 4 years solving the really hard problems around security and compliance for our customers across multiple industries (Health care, Insurance, Financial Services, etc). We know what it takes.

      • We've Open Sourced Everything

        Our solution is based on entirely Open Source, off-the-shelf components, which means you can implement it yourself. Hire us to do it faster.

      • We're Subject Matter Experts

        It's been our sole focus this entire time, and we're subject matter experts on this topic. Most companies do not need to be cloud experts. They need to be domain experts in their industry to be competitive.

      • We'll Deliver in Under 90 days

        We have a track record of delivering everything in under 3 months. We've done this countless times before and therefore, can promise a predictable outcome.

      • We Have One Mission

        This is all we do. We're really good at it because we've done it countless times before. This is why we're so confident that we'll succeed.

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      Our Rock-Solid Process.

      We believe in absolute transparency. It's embedded into our process from day one.  

      The reason why we're so good at what we do is we repeat our process every time.

      Our Project Plan

      Our Reporting

      Our Statement of Work

      Our Git Flow

      We provide absolutely everything a technology-driven Startup needs for a solid and secure foundation delivered in just a few months, every time and on time.

      Our Guarantee

      Our goal is that when you work with us, it will be a breath of fresh air.  You might have had bad experiences with outsourcing. Remember, we are not that.  We have a sweet process.  You'll always have a direct line of communication with our team via Slack.

      No license fees. No bait & switch. No strings attached.

      • Can cancel anytime → No long term commitments.

        If you don’t dig our process, you can cancel anytime for any reason.

      • Pay as you go one Sprint at a time → Cap your liability.

        We break our projects into multiple sprints with a predictable cost per sprint.

      • Weekly “Office Hours” → Free Long Term Support.

        Join our weekly Zoom sessions to ask questions and get answers.

      Every customer we've worked with is blown away by our process and professionalism.

      We'll make sure you get the same treatment. That's why you always have a direct line to our team and regular weekly status updates. 

      Get Price

      Limited Time Offer


      12 Months of FREE Support

      Now because this offer is just too good, we need to call it out again.

      Remember, we provide FREE weekly office hours. 

      This free one-on-one support is held every week for 1 hour via a zoom conference. We do this because we want to make sure you get the maximum value out of your investment. This is how we ensure it.

      Now I can't promise we'll keep doing this forever without charging. But if you partner with us soon, we'll make sure you get it.


      Risks of "Do It Yourself"

      When you decide to build your own infrastructure in-house, consider the risks because a lot can go wrong. 

      • Your Team Gets Interrupted

        There are no guarantees that engineers won't get pulled onto other projects or burning fires that will slow the project. Interrupts are costly and slow things down.

      • Your Team has False Starts

        Mistakes happen. Re-engineering systems usually takes more effort than starting fresh and often requires several iterations.

      • Your Project Fails

        Good requirements do not always translate to good solutions. Knowing what works take experience.

      • Your Project Get Deprioritized

        Projects that don't deliver immediate value to the business will often get reprioritized in order to focus on more urgent business matters.

      • Your Project Goes Over Budget

        Projects that fail to get it right the first time are likely to go over budget and end up behind schedule. This may cause to it get abandoned.

      • Your Team Experiences Churn

        You can't predict if/when you'll lose a member. This costly set back can take months to recover from.

      Points of Differentiation

      We are not like any other DevOps professional services company. We are as passionate as they come.

      We're exclusively focused on tech-savvy venture-backed startups.  More than 90% of our customers are startups and combined - they've raised over a billion dollars from the biggest names in VC. We prefer to work with startups because we speak the same language and share the same aspirations as you do.

      This is our core competency. It's all we do as a business. That's why we can provide the assurances you need, where others cannot. 

      Putting together a plan is time-consuming. We've spent years refining our plan. Few others, if any, have.

      Knowing what combination of tools works together is non-trivial and requires some degree of trial and error. We eliminate the guesswork.

      • Exclusively Focused on Startups (we get you).

        You get an end-to-end solution that is fully integrated in an environment that you own. Everything is available today.

      • We’re Based 100% on Open Source.

        You could build it yourself. Hire us to do it faster. Massive Community Adoption.

      • Cheaper and Faster Guaranteed Outcome

        You will be hard-pressed to achieve a better outcome with consultants/freelancers and building it in-house

      You might be able to achieve similar results in-house, given a solid team with the right experience. But consider if this is a core competency you need to own at this stage of the game? Would it provide the same level of assurances?

      Our solution is 100% open source.

      Our projects have been forked hundreds of thousands of times. We receive dozens of PRs every week. This is validation that we're providing is of immense value and works for others, not just us.

      It also means our licensing is straightforward. Nearly everything is licensed under APACHE2 — a popular and well respected permissive license that lets you pretty much do what you want, just give us some credit where credit is due.

      We offer total transparency.

      We are transparent by nature. You will not be able to find a single other company that has put more “proof of work” doing-what-we-do on their GitHub than us. Period. We are so confident about our quality of work that we put our money where our mouth is: literally everything you need to get started is on our GitHub.  

      Since the work we showcase is public, it undergoes greater scrutiny, plus everything is peer-reviewed and tested. 

      BONUS: We also specialize in integrating paid solutions like Sumologic, Teleport, Datadog, Splunk, Pagerduty, Codefresh, PagerDuty, Cloudflare, etc into your stack. Our configurations for all of these integrations are still free and open-source. 

      What does all this mean for you? It saves you valuable time & money on implementation since we’ve done it before.

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      Technical Nitty Gritty.

      We don't want to dwell on the technical details. What we've created is a fully integrated platform leveraging mostly Open Source technologies and some optional SaaS services.

      Even more amazing is 100% of our solution is published for FREE on GitHub (APACHE2).
      You can implement it yourself. Hire us to make it happen faster.

      GitHub Actions

      Absolutely everything a Startup needs for a solid and secure foundation.

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      Features We Deliver

      We pack an insane amount of features into our solution. Here's just a fraction of what it can do... Keep in mind we deliver all this in about 90 days — fully integrated into your environments and in your git repos.

      This section is for the tech-heads in your organization — the ones who really want to understand what's underneath the hood before they buy into anything. We get it. We're engineers. That's why we don't hold anything back. Plus, everything we do is available today on our GitHub. It's proof that we've done it before and know what we're doing.

      Reference Architcture
      & Cloud Platform
      • 200+ Terraform Modules

        Save You Time & Effort (Money)

      • 12+ AWS Account Environments

        Securely Segment Applications

      • 4+ Kubernetes Clusters

        Run Stable Environments

      • Terraform, EKS/ECS, Helm

        Define Infrastructure as Code

      • Cluster Autoscaler

        No More Capacity Planning

      • API Gateway

        Create, maintain, secure APIs at any scale

      • VPC Peering

        Connect Legacy Infra to New

      Release Engineering:
      QA & Prod
      • Preview Environments

        Faster, More Stable QA/Demos

      • Zero Downtime Deployments

        Rapidly Release Features

      • GitHub Actions, Docker, Compose

        Continuous Integration Testing

      • Continuous Integration

        Automatically test every change

      • Approval Steps

        Puts Control Back in Your Hands

      • Slack Notifications

        Keep All Teams Informed

      • Helm & Helmfile

        Declarative Installation of Apps

      Secure Baseline &
      Remote Access
      • "SSH" over SSM

        IAM-based terminal access without SSH

      • AWS SSO

        Works with GSuite/Okta

      • AWS Client VPN

        Work from anywhere using VPN

      • Cloud Portal

        Easy Application Discovery

      • Cert Manager TLS/PKI

        Automatic Let's Encrypt Certs

      • IRSA For Kubernetes

        Enable Pods Assume Roles

      • Secrets Management

        KMS Encrypted Secrets in SSM/ASM

      Site Reliability Engineering
      • Datadog Monitoring Platform

        Monitor Everything & Save BIG

      • Sentry Exception Logging

        Faster Triaging for Developers

      • Kubecost Dashboards

        Total Cost Visibility for Apps

      • SLIs, SLOs, and Error Budgets

        KPIs to Align Your Teams

      • Datadog APM

        Understand request flows

      • OpsGenie Incident Management

        Rapidly Escalate Critical Events

      GitOps - Operations by Pull Request
      • Spacelift

        Continuous Delivery of Infra

      • Continuous Delivery

        Eliminate Configuration Drift

      • Mandatory PR Reviews

        Help you make fewer mistakes

      • Branch Protections

        Enforced Git Hygiene


        Enforce Stakeholder Reviews

      • Continuous Drift Detection

        Confidently know everything is deployed

      Training & Support Included
      • Documentation

        Comprehensive guides and tutorials

      • Weekly "Office Hours"

        Ask questions, get answers.

      • Shared Slack Channels

        Direct Line of Communication

      • Huge Slack DevOps Community

        Get Help 24x7 from community

      • Documented Modules

        Easily use our terraform modules

      • One-on-One Pairing Sessions

        Learn by doing not guessing

      If you see something missing, chances are we have it or can add it. Just ask us on our demo call!

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      Supported Integrations

      Our customers frequently ask us to add support for many third-party services. Today, we support dozens of integrations with many popular SaaS services. These are entirely optional.

      Is there a service you'd like to use? Talk to us. We'd love to add support for it.

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      Again, This Is For... (badass startups)

      We’re talking to you. The serious startup with a smart team who knows how to execute; they just need someone to help to get their infrastructure & platform off the ground.

      We get that you like to build things, but are too busy solving the business problems that only you can solve.

      We want to make sure you can focus on your product roadmap because we know you have a lot riding on it.

      That’s why we’ll help build it, eliminate all the guesswork, and level up your team in the process to operate it.

      It’s big a win for your business and an even bigger win for your team.

      They will love you for it.

      • Companies with Complex Requirements

        Companies with serious ambitions and sophisticated software requirements. Your application depends on a lot of moving pieces (e.g. microservices)

      • Companies Who Need to Move FAST

        This is an immediate problem for your business. You have outgrown your current situation. You need to change FAST. You need to make quick progress with a limited budget and a lot riding on it.

      • Companies with Smart Teams

        Your team is smart, but cannot be committed to this 100%. We get that.

      Be Advised

      We only build serious infrastructure

      We've invested tens of thousands of hours integrating Open Source Software, so you don't have to. 

      You are responsible for operating it

      We deliver a battle-tested solution fully integrated into your environments, running your software. Our strategy has been painstakingly refined over the course of years. The truth is provisioning infrastructure is easy. Provisioning the right infrastructure is hard. It can only be done faster when it's been done before. The faster it can be done, the cheaper your cost to own it.

      We only help companies who are a good fit

       That’s how you know we will succeed. We work with countless startups across multiple industries. While the problems they solve are unique, their infrastructure is standardized. We selectively work with companies which we see are a good fit for the proven strategies we use for operating infrastructure at scale in the cloud.  Unfortunately, this means we turn down a lot of customers. 


      Get Started

      We want to show you exactly how you can own your infrastructure in record time. Let us show you what the process looks like from beginning to end. We build it. You drive it.

      Talk to our team about your cloud infrastructure requirements to see if we're a fit.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      Do yourself a favor and take 15-mins to discover the benefits of owning your infrastructure. 

      Get Price

      The Cost of "Do It Yourself"

      Do you know what it will cost to do this in-house with your own team?

      WARNING: You may be shocked. It's definitely not faster or cheaper.

      Our calculator gives you the benefit of the doubt that you'll be able to both move faster and not make any mistakes. We do this on purpose to drive home the point that building it in-house is expensive!

      We make the assumption that you'll double your velocity just by adding another engineer to your team (in our experience that seldom happens).  Also,  you need to factor in the value of getting done faster and with a less disruptive impact on your business. That's a major benefit that we provide.

      Get Price

      The Math is Simple.

      "Do it Yourself" (DIY) is an order of magnitude more expensive.

      1. Multiply the salary of your fully-loaded engineers by the number of engineers assigned full time to the project.

      2. Add the cost to recruit talent as part of the first-year costs.

      3. Consider the cost of retaining the team for 3-5 years. Most companies do not just hire teams for a single project and then lay them off.

      Contrast that with if you instead hire us to do it. Then you only pay for what we deliver.
      There's no long term commitment, and we cost a fraction of your cost to build it in-house.

      Take action. Schedule your demo now!

       No smoke and mirrors here. We just want to give you a live, interactive demo that will show you how great your DevOps can be when you empower your team with the right tools and resources. Schedule a live demo to see it in action and get a quote you can afford.

      Get Price

      Join our Sweet Community

      SweetOps is a collaborative DevOps community for engineers of all skill levels. We go out of our way to help others master the tools of our trade. We've added over a thousand new members in the past year alone. 

        • We Value Community

          Many DevOps teams operate in isolation. They lack the ability to bounce ideas off others and struggle to stay up to date with everything going on in this fast-moving industry.

          Oftentimes, an entire company's operations rest on their shoulders. If stuff breaks and the fix they don’t know the fix, who do can they turn to? Can they find that person when they need them?

        • Got Problems? Get Answers.

          We started SweetOps first and foremost to provide a means for our passionate users to ask questions and get answers, but also to improve collaboration between organizations and promote re-use.

          Our members know that if stuff breaks or they are having trouble figuring something out, there's always someone there to help.

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