Greetings Comrade!

We're looking for you.

We're a DevOps Accelerator.

Our clients are high-growth, venture backed startups in Silicon Valley/Beach.

We do cool stuff. And it's all Open Source.

DevOps Engineers!

What We're Looking For . . .


    kops, helm, helm charts, helmfile, kiam, external-dns, cert-manager, chartmuseum


    Networking, volumes, Dockerfiles, inheritance, docker-compose, alpine


    terraform core, modules, providers, registry, best practices


    go, godeps, 12 factor apps

    (some experience)

Work Remote!

We run a distributed team. We have members in Los Angeles, Florida, Omsk, and Kiev.


  • Preferred Domestic Locations:
    Los Angeles / California / US
  • International Locations:

    Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, UK, Sweden

Other Qualifications

We're seeking candidates with experience in the following subject domains.
While we don't use all these technologies, we believe that candidates who do, are the ones will best fit in.

  • SaaS Experience

    Datadog, Sumologic, Travis CI, Circle CI, VictorOps, PagerDuty, Splunk Cloud, Sysdig, BigPanda, CodeFresh, Mailgun, Okta, Auth0, NewRelic
    (experience with 2 or more services)

  • Ideal Experience

    Helm, Kops, EKS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Prometheus, Vault (by HashiCorp), Docker Compose
    (experience with 2 or more technologies)

  • Compiled Languages

    Golang (Go), Java, C/C++
    (proficient in 1 or more languages)

  • AWS Experience

    EC2, IAM, Lambda, ECS, S3, CloudFormation, CloudFront, VPC, CloudWatch, CloudTrails, Elastic Beanstalk, KMS, AWS Config, DynamoDB, RDS Aurora, ElastiCache
    (experience with 5 or more services)

  • Monitoring Experience

    Prometheus, Prometheus Operator, AlertManager, Grafana, Sensu, Datadog, Sysdig
    (experience with 1 or more services)

  • IaaS Experience

    AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCE/GKE (Google Cloud), Azure, Rackspace, OpenStack, Digital Ocean
    (experience with 1 or more platforms)

  • Core Concepts

    12 Factor Pattern, Immutable Architecture, Infrastructure as Code, Imperative vs Declaritive
    (knowledgable on 2 or more concepts)

  • Scripting Languages

    Python, Ruby, Bash, Zsh, GNU Make
    (proficient in 1 or more languages)

  • Nice to Have

    AWS Certified, Vagrant, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Saltstack, Packer, Consul, Jenkins, Serverless, Mesos, Rancher/CattleAtlas (by HashiCorp), Artifactory, ELK, Log Stash
    (no experience required)

  • Database Technologies

    Postgres, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, CouchDB, Memcache, Cassandra, Hadoop
    (experience with 2 or more technologies)

Why we're awesome

Open Source Consultancy

Everything we do is Open Source (APACHE2) and available on our GitHub at We do this for multiple reasons. First, it ensures we deliver quality because our reputation is out in the open. Secondly, everything we do should be highly-repeatable and relevant. That's why we're the largest provider of Open Source Terraform modules you'll find. We don't want to build snowflake architectures.

Excellent Documentation

We make all of our documentation public at Our mission is to educate companies on modern DevOps “best practices”. We accomplish this by thoroughly documenting everything we do. Everyone on our team contributes to this documentation so we grow together and iterate towards perfection.

Our solutions are cutting edge. We practice Infrastructure as Code, GitOps, CI/CD, BeyondCorp-style security and take security seriously. We leverage Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, and Terraform everyday. One of the things we do best is help companies with “Unlimited Staging Environments”.

Best-of-Breed Technology

Challenging Problems

Life's boring without a challenge. That's why we set the bar high. We're currently working on interesting problems like running Terraform inside of Kubernetes, deploying Teleport SSH under Helm, ChatOps with Kubernetes, and how to solve automatic database migrations with Helm deployments.

What we do.

Recent Customers

Enterprise Customer Service

Kubernetes, Terraform, Helm, Kafka, Zookeeper, Elastic Search, Redis

Real-estate Debt Marketplace

Kubernetes, Helm, Rails, Postgres, CircleCI

Concierge Health Insurance

Kubernetes, Helm, Rails, Postgres, CodeFresh

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