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What others are saying...

Peter Yared, CTO/CIO at CBS Interactive

“Erik is extremely knowledgeable about cloud architectures and systems, and capable of designing, deploying and managing large scale systems on cloud platforms like Amazon. He is brilliant and we were sorry to see him leave CBS.”

Paul Mourani, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Apcera

“I have worked with Erik through the years at various times. Erik is a pleasure to work with and has a deep expertise for running workloads in clouds. He carries both a technical and business acumen and is an exceptional asset for any company looking to leverage cloud in the right way. From initially leveraging AWS, configuration management and CMP tools, to the next wave of technologies including Docker, Kubernetes Core OS and PaaS platforms he creates the right path for the desired business outcome.”

Vinod Shintre, President of Americas at BrightStar Solutions

“Enjoyed the opportunity to work with Erik while I was running Attribo Technologies Pvt Ltd. and had CBS Interactive as my client. Erik showed impeccable experience & in-depth knowledge with AWS Cloud while guiding us towards building an excellent Cloud Management & Billing Optimization software product. Highly recommended for his experience with designing & managing scale-able cloud Infrastructure & now with Containers & Micro-services using Docker/Kubernetes/CoreOS.”