GitOps with Terraform on Codefresh (Webinar Video & Slides)

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🚀 Infrastructure as code, pipelines as code, and now we even have code as code! =P In this talk, we show you how we build and deploy applications with Terraform using GitOps with Codefresh. Cloud Posse is a power user of Terraform and have written over 140 Terraform modules. We’ll share how we handle automation with security while making the process easy for engineers.

Erik Osterman is the founder of Cloud Posse, a DevOps professional services company that specializes in cloud migrations and release engineering. Previously he was the Director of Cloud Architecture, for CBS Interactive where he led cloud strategy across the organization.


2 Comments on “GitOps with Terraform on Codefresh (Webinar Video & Slides)”

  1. Hey Erik,

    I missed your talk at Scale. Do you have a copy?

    Thank you and kind regards,

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy of the scale talk. The recording quality was quite poor.

      I have updated this post with a video of the Webinar we did shortly there after.

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