The Cost of "Do It Yourself"

Do you know what it will cost to do this in-house with your own team?

WARNING: You may be shocked. It's definitely not faster or cheaper.

Our calculator gives you the benefit of the doubt that you'll be able to both move faster and not make any mistakes. We do this on purpose to drive home the point that building it in-house is expensive!

We make the assumption that you'll double your velocity just by adding another engineer to your team (in our experience that seldom happens).  Also,  you need to factor in the value of getting done faster and with a less disruptive impact on your business. That's a major benefit that we provide.

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The Math is Simple.

"Do it Yourself" (DIY) is an order of magnitude more expensive.

  1. Multiply the salary of your fully-loaded engineers by the number of engineers assigned full time to the project.

  2. Add the cost to recruit talent as part of the first-year costs.

  3. Consider the cost of retaining the team for 3-5 years. Most companies do not just hire teams for a single project and then lay them off.

Contrast that with if you instead hire us to do it. Then you only pay for what we deliver.
There's no long term commitment, and we cost a fraction of your cost to build it in-house.

Risks of "Do It Yourself"

When you decide to build your own infrastructure in-house, consider the risks because a lot can go wrong. 

  • Your Team Gets Interrupted

    There are no guarantees that engineers won't get pulled onto other projects or burning fires that will slow the project. Interrupts are costly and slow things down.

  • Your Team has False Starts

    Mistakes happen. Re-engineering systems usually takes more effort than starting fresh and often requires several iterations.

  • Your Project Fails

    Good requirements do not always translate to good solutions. Knowing what works takes experience.

  • Your Project Get Deprioritized

    Projects that don't deliver immediate value to the business will often get reprioritized in order to focus on more urgent business matters.

  • Your Project Goes Over Budget

    Projects that fail to get it right the first time are likely to go over budget and end up behind schedule. This may cause to it get abandoned.

  • Your Team Experiences Churn

    You can't predict if/when you'll lose a member. This costly set back can take months to recover from.


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