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Our Customers include Billion Dollar Startups

They've Raised Over

$400M +

Their Investors Need No Introduction.

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Our Case Studies


I've worked with many DevOps consultants in the past and none of them ran their company the way you run Cloud Posse. I must tell you that I'm really impressed with how you run your business—you are doing all the right things.
Ram Akuka
  • Before

    1. Infrastructure was a complete mess
    2. Poor CI/CD automation
    3. Zero DevOps competency
  • After

    1. Well defined infrastructure as code
    2. Robust release engineering processs
    3. Savvy in-house DevOps team

Gladly is an enterprise SaaS company that has reinvented call center software. We migrated them from ECS/Elastic Beanstalk to Kubernetes so they could achieve greater economies of scale.

They are backed by Greylock Partners and have raised in excess of $113M.


Achieved PCI Compliance

Kafka Message Bus

Supports Fortune 500 Customers


Ram Akuka, Director of Platform


PeerStreet is a peer-to-peer market place for institutional investors to buy/sell commercial real estate. We migrated them from Heroku to AWS so they could reduce costs, increase security and agility. They are backed by Andreessen Horowitz and have raised over $51M.


Zero Downtime Automated Deployments

Unlimited Staging Environments

Multi-Account Architecture


Alex Perelman, CTO

  • Before

    1. Heroku constrained product growth
    2. Data teams unable to automate workflows and infrastructure
    3. Zero Reusable Infra Code
  • After

    1. Seamlessly deploy any application
    2. Autonomous dev/data teams capable of deploying own software
    3. Library of DevOps Machinery

  • Before

    1. No cloud strategy
    2. Manually provisioned infrastructure
    3. Inadequate security
  • After

    1. Seamlessly deploy any application
    2. Total GitOps automation
    3. Secure Baseline with CIS Foundations

Image is a financial service company that allows users to get paid on demand, budget instantly, and save automatically. We migrated them from Heroku to AWS/Kubernetes for increased security and faster deployments. Empower their data analytics team with the tools they needed. They are backed by Khosla Ventures and have raised over $52M.


CI/CD of Massive Monorepo

On-prem Codefresh

Banking Grade Security


Evan Goldschmidt, CTO

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Outcomes that Matter.

Here's what our customers experienced in their own words before we helped them out.
This is what we deliver in a fraction of the time it would take to do it in-house.
Our repeatability and track record ensures your success.


All changes were by hand (aka "Click Ops")

Deployments were manual and error prone that took forever

Developers were frustrated. Constantly blocked by others.

Projects were behind. Deadlines were missed.

Massive duplication of effort.

Secrets hardcoded in source code. Difficult to rotate.

Current architecture made modifications difficult.

Costs are high, resources are underutilized. It's a mess.

Not able to easily bring up multiple identical environments

Infrastructure looked like a dinosaur. Hard to maintain.


    100% Infrastructure as Code stored on GitHub

    Fully automated, zero-down time deployments with automatic rollbacks.

    Developers are autonomous.  Developers can build and deploy their apps.

    Release products faster to beat out the competition.

    Reusable Infrastructure as Code libraries (DRY). 

    Roadmap to compliance. Satisfy CIS Foundations Benchmarks.

    Predictably build and deploy net-new software in minutes.

    Better economies of scale with total cost visibility.

    Automatically spin up new disposable environments for Pull Requests or customer demos.

    Better DevOps that operates more efficiently, with less stress, more transparency.

    Their words.

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    Professional Service

    I've worked with many DevOps consultants in the past and none of them ran their company the way you run Cloud Posse. I must tell you that I'm really impressed with how you run your business—you are doing all the right things.

    Head of Platform - Gladly, Inc.
    San Francisco, CA

    World Class Infrastructure

    Cloudposse has established a fundamental part of our organization's infrastructure. Best in class services such as terraform, k8's, and CI/CD allow us to onboard new developers and have them deploying production code on their first day.

    Lead Engineer - Joany, Inc.
    Los Angeles, CA

    Strong Cloud Insights

    We got in touch with Cloud Posse when we went from a messy startup cloud to a robust, manageable and enterprise cloud architecture. The thoughtfully fabricated terraform modules, hand picked and modified utilities and the perfect orchestrator 'geodesic' brings in a very solid ITops management experience. Not to forget how responsive is the team.

    Head of Engineering -
    Bengaluru, India

    Extremely Knowledgeable

    Erik and his colleagues are extremely knowledgeable in all things infrastructure and communicate this knowledge in a friendly and helpful style. Cloud Posse is excellent value-for-money; have appropriately priced SOWs; and are very flexible to work with.
    I would recommend Cloud Posse to anyone who is: looking for modern scalable infrastructure as code to be developed on their behalf; looking for knowledgeable peers with which they can review roadmaps and processes; or seeking a panel of experts to act as a sounding board for their one-man infrastructure or DevOps teams.

    DevOps Engineer - Healthera, Ltd.
    United Kingdom

    Modern Enterprise Infrastructure

    Cloud Posse did an amazing job moving our web operations into ECS with Fargate, setting up our code pipelines and CI/CD processes, and offering us a wealth of information around security and stability in AWS. Thanks to their solid understanding of a variety of AWS Services, we were able to steer clear of potential pitfalls upon implementation and secure our systems better than ever. With their help, we were ultimately able implement the latest strategies of modern enterprise website development.

    Senior Engineering Manager - Globe Life

    Features & Benefits

    In order to be in full control of your company's destiny, you need to drive it.
    You need to own your infrastructure and it needs to be done the right way from the start.
    That's what we do. This is what you get for a fraction of the cost in half the time.

    • Build a Better Foundation

      With our proven “Reference Architecture” you'll have a Secure, Multi-Account AWS Architecture (7+ accounts) baseline. Segment software with “physical” account boundaries. Highly secure, ideal for PCI/SOC compliance. Benefit from Infrastructure that scales to support future demands of the business with less technical debt.

    • Release Faster to Customers

      Fully automate “Zero Downtime Deployments” enable teams to rapidly deploy all software and without human intervention. Easy Rollbacks ensure you have recourse if something goes wrong. Multiple strategies can be used including Rolling, Blue/Green, Canary Rollouts.

    • Practice Better QA

      Our “Unlimited Staging Environments” strategy provide the same functionality as Heroko “Review Apps”, only better because they are unlimited! We enable your developers to bring up a short-lived disposable environment for every branch or pull request. These environments are automatically cleaned up when their no longer needed, saving the company money. These environments are ideal for customer demos (aka demo environments).

    • Unblock Developers to Move Faster

      Developers are your most expensive investment. Empowering developers to work autonomously with self-service infrastructure will pay dividends in productivity.

    • Monitor Everything Better

      We provide better observability for the things you care about. Leverage “monitoring as code” so that your applications define the metrics, alerts and escalations they care about. Use beaufitul, well crafted monitoring dashboards. Respond to actionable alerts. Receive Slack notifications. Escalate events to PagerDuty. Search all your application logs with Kibana and ElasticSearch.

    • Reduce Your OpEx

      Everything is built on entirely on free software. It's all Open Source, and it's all yours. You drive it. You control it. We provide all essential boilerplate software. No long term license fees required. SaaS subscriptions reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.

    • Predictable Results Delivered On Time

      Don't hire a team that's just going to reinvent the wheel all over for you. Avoid the minefield of failed projects and misunderstood technologies. Avoid all the common pitfalls. Instead benefit from the expertise of thousands of Peer Reviewed Pull Requests, tens of thousands of hours all made available on our GitHub. When you work with us you'll have the peace of mind knowing exactly what you'll get works based on experience and is delivered on time, every time.

    • Cheaper Than "Do It Yourself"

      You can hire 2-3 experienced DevOps engineers to build it out your platform and it may work, but zero guarantees other than it will cost 2-3x. We'll rapidly level up your team's skillset set increasing their value to your company.

    Great for…

    Our customers operate in highly regulated industries and include many Software-as-a-Service startups. Their requirements are strict and they run complex software stacks.

    • Financial Services
    • Health Industry
    • Enterprise SaaS
    • Consumer SaaS

    You want ops? This is it.

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    Rock Solid Process.

    We believe in absolute transparency. It's embeded into process from day one.  

    The reason why we're so good at what we do is we repeat our process everytime.

    Our Project Plan

    Our Reporting

    Our Statement of Work

    Our Git Flow

    Absolutely everything a technology driven Startup needs for a solid and secure foundation delivered in just a few months, every time and on time.

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    Technical Nitty Gritty.

    We don't want to dwell on the technical details. What we've created is a fully integrated platform leveraging mostly Open Source technologies and some optional SaaS services.

    In fact 100% of our solution is published for FREE on our GitHub (APACHE2).
    You can implement it yourself. Hire us to make it happen faster.


    Absolutely everything a Startup needs for a solid and secure foundation.

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    Demo Screenshots!

    (click any image for gallery)

    Below are real screenshots from past customer engagements. This is at a minimum what you should expect from your cloud platform. This is what we deliver in just a few months.

    Reference Architectures

    Release Engineering
    Site Reliability Engineering

    Remote Access Management

    GitOps - Operations by Pull Request

    Documentation and Training

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    The Cost of “Do It Yourself”

    Do you know what it will cost to do this in-house with your own team?

    WARNING:You may be shocked. It's neither faster, nor cheaper.

    Our calculator gives you the benefit of the doubt. These estimates are extremely conservative on purpose. For example, we assume that delivery time will be cut in half just by adding another experienced DevOps engineer to your team (our experience is that seldom happens).  Also, do not discount the opportunity cost of getting done faster and with less impact to your business.


    The Math is Simple.

    "Do it Yourself" (DIY) is an order of magnitude more expensive.

    1. Multiply the salary of your fully loaded engineers by the number of engineers assigned full time to the project.

    2. Add the cost to recruit talent as part of the first year costs.

    3. Consider the cost of retaining the team for 3-5 years. Most companies do not just hire teams for a single project and then lay them off.

    Risks of “Do It Yourself”

    When you decide to build your own infrastructure in-house, consider the risks. A lot can go wrong. 

    • Your Team Gets Interrupted

      Engineers will get pulled on to other projects or burning fires that will slow the project.

    • Your Team has False Starts

      Mistakes happen. Re-engineering takes more effort than starting fresh and often requires several iterations.

    • Your Project Fails

      Good requirements do not always translate to good solutions. Knowing what works takes experience.

    • Your Project Get Deprioritized

      Projects that don't deliver immediate value often get deprioritized for more pressing business issues.

    • Your Project Goes Over Budget

      Projects that don't get it right the first time are likely to go over budget and end up behind schedule.

    • Your Team Experiences Churn

      You can't predict if/when you'll lose a member. This costly set back can take months to recover from.


    Working with us gives you peace of mind. We're experts at what we do. We love our job and we never get bored doing it. Our experience ensures you get what you expect and when you need it. You only pay for what we deliver. We don't require any long-term commitments or retainers. 

    • We've Invested Years

      Cloud Posse has spent the last 4 years developing this solution to solve the really hard problems around security and compliance for our customers across multiple industries (Health care, Insurance, Financial Services, etc). We pass that along to our customers.

    • We've Open Sourced Everything

      Our solution is based on entirely Open Source, off-the-shelf components, which means you can implement it yourself. Hire us to do it faster.

    • We're Subject Matter Experts

      It's been our sole focus this entire time and we're subject matter experts on this topic. Most companies do not need to be cloud experts. They need to be domain experts in their industry to be competitive.

    • We're Continuously Iterating

      We iterate on it continuously with every engagement, multiple times per year. We learn from every engagement what we could do better and fix it..

    • We're Thought Leaders

      As thought leaders we use our influence to guide the direction of the tools, which accelerates the features our customers care most about.


    It's difficult to quantify risk, so our calculator just assumes they won't happen. However, most engineering projects fail due to bad asssumptions. Wrong assumpts mean your cost to implement, timelines, and projects will suffer. Here's a list of some of the assumptions with the calculator.

    • Your Team Executes Flawlessly

      Your team can implement a comparable solution to ours that is easily supported and not riddled with tech debt. You can do this with only one full time Sr DevOps hire in 24 months. This is half the time it's taken us with a full time team and the help of thousands of contributors.

    • Your Team Delivers Expediently

      Your team will get it right the first time and you can sacrifice 6-12 months for an implementation. Our average turnaround for our customers is 3 months.

    • Your Team is Experienced

      You'll be able to attract and retain top talent with in a reasonable amount of time. They understand the full scope of work and common pitfalls. This is essential to develop a solid project plan that ensures success.

    • Your Team Does Not Vacation

      Your team will work tirelessly to completion. They won't be taking any vacation time (most humans like vacations) because that would jeopardize your projects timeline..

    • Your Team Has No Interrupts

      Your team won't have any interupts while they are building out your new infrastructure. Engineers will not get pulled on to other projects or burning fires.

    Reality Check ✓

    1. Engineering Good Solutions is Hard.
      No matter what anyone may tell you, engineering good solutions is hard. Our goal is to simplify this journey for our customers to reach security in the cloud with complete CI/CD and end to end automation. 

    2. Proven Track Records are Important.
      We have proven track record of delivering exactly what our customers expect. Afterwards, our customers are better off and educated on what it takes to operate modern DevOps machinery.

    3. "Do It Yourself" (DIY) is Much More Expensive and Risky.
      We charge less than the salary of one US based Sr DevOps hire and deliver the entire solution in half-the time (approximately 3 months), full integrated with your environment.

    Myth Busters

    Myth #1: “Open Source is Free” – BUSTED!

    Open Source software is free from a licensing standpoint, but that's it. The implementation of it is not. The initial setup of automation and configuration of any software is costly and time consuming. Getting dozens of products developed by different vendors and communities to work well together is tricky. This is why we've invested tens of thousands of hours integrating Open Source Software so you don't have to.

    Myth #2: “Good, Fast & Cheap” – BUSTED!

    Developing original software on a budget (cheap) without sacrificing quality (good) or delivery schedules (fast) is impossible. What is possible is repeatedly delivering a battle tested solution that has been painstakingly refined over the course of years. The truth is provisioning infrastructure is easy. Provisioning the right infrastructure is hard. It can only be done faster when it's been done before. It can be cheaper the faster you do it.

    Myth #3: “Our Requirements are Unique” – BUSTED!

    We work with countless startups. While the solutions to solving the problems they address are innovative and unique, the proven strategies for operating infrastructure at scale in cloud environments are well-understood and repeatable across organizations. In fact, you should question any time you're doing something unconventional, if it's absolutely necessary and understand the long term implications to the organization will be to support it.

    Meet the Team

    Erik Osterman is a technical evangelist and insanely passionate DevOps guru with over 12 years of experience architecting systems for AWS. As CEO of Cloud Posse, a DevOps Professional Services company, he is committed to helping high-growth Startups and Fortune 500 Companies rapidly migrate to AWS on Kubernetes to gain the upper hand and maximize their return on investment. Previously, he led major cloud initiatives at CBS Interactive as the Director of Cloud Architecture.


    Erik Osterman, Founder & CEO



    Distinguished Engineers


    Boca Raton, Florida

    Andriy is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. In his past life, he spent more than a decade as a Java Developer. There's probably no one on earth who has written more Terraform. Andriy is the genius responsible for maintaining most of our 140+ open source Terraform modules. Andriy is methodical in his practice. He's a natural problem solver who won't stop until he's mastered the game.


    Omsk, Russia

    Igor is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. He's both an experienced Developer and Solutions Architect who has been involved with every migration we've carried out over the past several years. H'es a Kubernetes savant responsible figuring out our most complicated integration challenges. 


    Santa Monica, California

    Jeremy has led engineering and product management efforts for large and small internet-based products. He takes pleasure in going deep to truly understand how complex systems work and has a nack for explaining things to others. He's a Kubernetes/Terraform expert that has led multiple successful handson migration to AWS.

    Sweet Community

    SweetOps is a collaborative DevOps community for engineers of all skill levels. We go out of our way to help others master the tools of our trade.

      • We Value Community

        Many DevOps teams operate in isolation. They lack the ability to bounce ideas off others and struggle to stay up to date with everything going on in the this fast moving industry.

        Often times, an entire company's operations are rests on their shoulders. If stuff breaks and the fix they don’t know the fix, who do can they turn to? Can they find that person when they need them?

      • Got Problems? Get Answers.

        We started SweetOps to first and foremost provide a means for our passionate users to ask questions and get answers, but also to improve collaboration between organizations and promote re-use.

        Our members know that if stuff breaks or they are having trouble figuring something out, there's always someone there to help.

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      Awesome Members

      Kind Words. True Fans.

      I take back almost everything I've ever said about Terraform code not being easily shareable. @cloudposse have some awesome modules on #theterraformregistry

      DevOps Engineer at HSBC

      You guys do some great work at Cloud Posse. You guys are a very good inspiration for us on the DevOps side 😀

      CEO at Salt & Pepper Digital Agency

      I must say... Everytime I ask you something you always have an answer.

      Linux Engineer at EXOS

      Amazing project, I really like it.

      Cloud Architect at Red Hat

      Really love the resources you have published. Really great quality content.

      Solutions Architect at Onica

      We use some of your terraform modules.

      Sr Director, DevOps at Flexential

      I just wanted to reach out and say its awesome what you guys are doing in the DevOps / Automation / Pretty Freckin Cool spaces.

      Great GitHub repo, btw. I use Cloud Posse stuff all the time.

      DevOps Engineer at esure

      I really have to say this is the most active DevOps Slack Team I'm apart of. Way to go!

      Senior Operations Engineer at LearnZillion

      My favorite community.

      DevOps Engineer at CloudCheckr

      Been using the EB app and TF repos y'all made. Love it.

      Software Engineer at Remote Dev Force

      Great work!

      Infrastructure Specialist at MatrixMind

      Hey guys, thanks for all the work you've put into the modules on github, it's an awesome collection.

      CTO at Chorus

      Greetings! I’m a fan of the things you all do.

      Infrastructure Architect at Pondurance

      Kudos again to this slack channel. Cloud Posse being an open source DevOps hub is really a great thing. I often talk to other DevOps peeps and mention Cloud Posse and this culture.

      Sr. DevOps Engineer at Calm

      Love the way people are so updated here with new upgrade and it's quite handy for any DevOps Engineer. I've recommended about 8-10 friends already and they all enjoy it!

      Senior DevOps Engineer
      King of Prussia

      初めて Terraform の Community Module 使ったけど、Cloudposse さんのはどれもいい感じ。てか読んでて勉強になる。

      Great stuff guys. Keep up the good work. Saves us a lot of time.

      Senior DevOps Engineer at VT iDirect

      Thanks so much for all the great modules!!

      CTO at Grizzly Force

      I tried out the @CloudPosse Terraform modules last night, and things went well! I'd definitely recommend them, and I learned a ton about reusable, composable architecture from them.

      Software Architect at Community Funded

      Thanks for your work!! The terraform modules are pretty awesome!

      Responsible for CI/CD at Orange Bank
      Montreuil, Île-de-France

      Wow @CloudPosse docs are sweet!

      Founder of Permanent Cloud

      Many thanks to @cloudposse for the amazing @HashiCorp #Terraform modules at
      Really, really great stuff in their repo. Your team makes #AWS provisioning easy!

      Engineering Manager at Wattpad

      Image Image

      Whoohoo! You made it.

      Image Image

      Cloud Posse, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

      340 S Lemon Ave #1430, Walnut, CA 91789.