"Office Hours"

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Join us every Wednesday at 11:30am PST (GMT-8) to talk shop. We discuss all things related to DevOps, AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, CI/CD Release Engineering.

Basically, they are like a fireside chats where we get together for about an hour to talk shop.

These are totally free and just an opportunity to ask us any questions and learn about cool things we come across.

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What to expect...

  • Announcements

    We'll share cool things we're working on at Cloud Posse along with any relevant industry news or projects we come across. This is the best way to stay current on the latest on what's happening with AWS, Terraform and Kubernetes.

  • Q&A

    We allocation about half the time to answering questions. We're usually about 20-40 people on the call. To make sure we get to your questions, make sure to post your questions ahead of time in the #office-hours slack channel.

  • Live Demos

    Watch live demos of some of the things we're building here at Cloud Posse. Also, tune in if you want to share any open source projects you're working on.

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We syndicate our weekly "office hours" as a podcast so you can tune in and listen when it's convenient for you.


Hosted by Erik Osterman


Erik Osterman is a technical evangelist and insanely passionate DevOps guru with over 12 years of hands-on experience architecting systems for AWS. After leading major cloud initiatives at CBS Interactive as the Director of Cloud Architecture, he founded Cloud Posse, a DevOps Accelerator that helps high-growth venture-backed Startups and Fortune 500 Companies own their infrastructure in record time build building it together with teams and showing them the ropes.

Erik Osterman, Founder & CEO
Cloud Posse, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

Office Hours

We recommend you first sign up for our slack team. Then join the #office-hours slack channel and ask your question there. We'll make sure to address it on our next call. Of course, you can always just join us this week and ask us there.

You're other option is to register for our FREE weekly office hours. We host these calls every Wednesday at 11:30am PT.

Cloud Posse is based in Los Angeles (PT), which is ~GMT-8 depending on the time of year. =) However, our community of more than 3,200 members is truly global. There's always someone online at any given time of the day.

We hold these sessions every Wednesday from 11:30am – 12:30pm PST (GMT-8).

Make sure to register to receive a calendar invitation.

You can find all of our past recordings on YouTube. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you can stay current on the latest discussions.

Alternatively, tune in to our Podcast, which also has all episodes.

Ask anything related/adjacent to DevOps, Release Engineering, CI/CD, Cloud Automation, Terraform, Kubernetes, Helm, etc. These all all topics in our domain of expertise.

Yes, we record all sessions and post them within 24 hours to our YouTube channel and Podcast.

No, it's absolutely FREE for anyone to attend.

Cloud Posse holds public “Office Hours” every Wednesday at 11:30 am PT to answer questions on all things related to DevOps, Terraform, Kubernetes, CI/CD. Basically, it's like an interactive “Lunch & Learn” session where we get together for about an hour and talk shop with our community. These are totally free and just an opportunity to ask us (or our community of experts) any questions you may have.

You can register here: https://cloudposse.com/office-hours

Join the conversation in our SweetOps slack #office-hours channel: https://slack.cloudposse.com/

What to expect…

  • Live Q&A. Ask questions and get answers. We're usually about 30+ people on the call.
  • News & Announcements. We'll share cool things we're working on at Cloud Posse along with any cool announcements or projects we come across.
  • Live Demos. Watch live demos of some of the things we're building here at Cloud Posse. Also, tune in if you want to share any open source projects you're working on.
  • Special Guest Speakers. From time to time we'll bring on special guests who will talk at length on something relevant for our community.

Got questions? We got answers.


Clear Benefits

  • Faster Time to Market

    Know your options & eliminate analysis paralysis by reducing the number of critical decisions

  • Increased Knowledge Transfer

    DevOps engineers will rapidly level up their skill sets becoming more efficient at their jobs

  • Reduced Risk

    Move faster by doing less R&D and encountering fewer blockers along the way

Awesome Feedback

Professional Service

I've worked with many DevOps consultants in the past and none of them ran their company the way you run Cloud Posse. I must tell you that I'm really impressed with how you run your business—you are doing all the right things.

Ram Akuka

Head of Platform - Gladly, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

World Class Infrastructure

Cloudposse has established a fundamental part of our organization's infrastructure. Best in class services such as terraform, k8's, and CI/CD allow us to onboard new developers and have them deploying production code on their first day.

Adam Watson

Lead Engineer - Joany, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

Expertise in Minutes

Utilizing Cloud Posse on architecting our kubernetes stack was a great choice. Whenever we needed answers/ solutions/examples; Cloud Posse has delivered within minutes. Knowledgeable, swift expertise.

Ryan Moore

Engineer - TeamEXOS
Los Angeles, CA

Extremely Knowledgeable

Erik and his colleagues are extremely knowledgeable in all things infrastructure and communicate this knowledge in a friendly and helpful style. Cloud Posse is excellent value-for-money; have appropriately priced SOWs; and are very flexible to work with.
I would recommend Cloud Posse to anyone who is: looking for modern scalable infrastructure as code to be developed on their behalf; looking for knowledgeable peers with which they can review roadmaps and processes; or seeking a panel of experts to act as a sounding board for their one-man infrastructure or DevOps teams.

Oscar Sullivan

DevOps Engineer - Healthera, Ltd.
United Kingdom

Modern Enterprise Infrastructure

Cloud Posse did an amazing job moving our web operations into ECS with Fargate, setting up our code pipelines and CI/CD processes, and offering us a wealth of information around security and stability in AWS. Thanks to their solid understanding of a variety of AWS Services, we were able to steer clear of potential pitfalls upon implementation and secure our systems better than ever. With their help, we were ultimately able implement the latest strategies of modern enterprise website development.

M Oxman

Senior Engineering Manager - Globe Life

Super Communicative

Erik and his team worked on the new infrastructure-as-code build from scratch with us at Checkatrade. It was a pleasure to work with him, super communicative, super knowledgeable, and really delivered, as well as an all-round great person! I hope our paths cross in future!

Jason Green

CTO - Checkatrade

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Empower teams to move faster and expand their skillsets with efficient local development environments.

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Learn what it takes to deploy all of your apps on Kubernetes with end-to-end monitoring and CI/CD deployed entirely with Infrastructure as Code.

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Master Release Engineering and implement rad CI/CD pipelines with integration tests and automated deployments to Kubernetes.

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