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Kudos again to this slack channel. Cloud Posse being an open source DevOps hub is really a great thing. I often talk to other DevOps peeps and mention Cloud Posse and this culture.

Sr. DevOps Engineer at Calm

Love the way people are so updated here with new upgrade and it's quite handy for any DevOps Engineer. I've recommended about 8-10 friends already and they all enjoy it!

Senior DevOps Engineer at Vertex Inc.

初めて Terraform の Community Module 使ったけど、Cloudposse さんのはどれもいい感じ。てか読んでて勉強になる。

Great stuff guys. Keep up the good work. Saves us a lot of time.

Senior DevOps Engineer at VT iDirect

Thanks so much for all the great modules!!

CTO at Grizzly Force

I tried out the @CloudPosse Terraform modules last night, and things went well! I'd definitely recommend them, and I learned a ton about reusable, composable architecture from them.

Software Architect at Community Funded

Thanks for your work!! The terraform modules are pretty awesome!

Responsible for CI/CD at Orange Bank

Wow @CloudPosse docs are sweet!

Founder of Permanent Cloud

Many thanks to @cloudposse for the amazing @HashiCorp #Terraform modules at
Really, really great stuff in their repo. Your team makes #AWS provisioning easy!

Engineering Manager at Wattpad

I take back almost everything I've ever said about Terraform code not being easily shareable. @cloudposse have some awesome modules on #theterraformregistry

DevOps Engineer at HSBC

You guys do some great work at Cloud Posse. You guys are a very good inspiration for us on the DevOps side 😀

CEO at Salt & Pepper Digital Agency

I must say... Everytime I ask you something you always have an answer.

Linux Engineer at EXOS

Amazing project, I really like it.

Cloud Architect at Red Hat

Really love the resources you have published. Really great quality content.

Solutions Architect at Onica

We use some of your terraform modules.

Sr Director, DevOps at Flexential

I just wanted to reach out and say its awesome what you guys are doing in the DevOps / Automation / Pretty Freckin Cool spaces.

Great GitHub repo, btw. I use Cloud Posse stuff all the time.

DevOps Engineer at esure

I really have to say this is the most active DevOps Slack Team I'm apart of. Way to go!

Senior Operations Engineer at LearnZillion

My favorite community.

DevOps Engineer at CloudCheckr

Been using the EB app and TF repos y'all made. Love it.

Software Engineer at Remote Dev Force

Great work!

Infrastructure Specialist at MatrixMind

Hey guys, thanks for all the work you've put into the modules on github, it's an awesome collection.

CTO at Chorus

Greetings! I’m a fan of the things you all do.

Infrastructure Architect at Pondurance