We're looking for you.

We're a DevOps Accelerator.

Our clients are high-growth, venture backed startups in Silicon Valley/Beach.

They've raised over a Billion dollars.

We do cool stuff. And it's all Open Source.

We need DevOps Contractors!

What We're Looking For . . .


    terraform, modules, providers, aws, terraform cloud, spacelift, etc


    EKS, kubectl, operators, argocd, helm, helmfile, kustomize, istio, etc.


    CI/CD expert, github actions, argocd, codefresh, etc.

  • SRE

    datadog, opsgeneie, cloudwatch, etc

100% Remote Work!

We run a distributed team. We have contractors in Los Angeles, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Vancouver, and Omsk.

We communicate over slack & zoom. We run daily standups. We use Jira for project management and Harvest for time tracking.

  • Preferred Domestic Locations: Anywhere in the United States. Seriously.
  • International Locations: Canada, Russia

Other Qualifications

We're seeking contractors with experience in the following subject domains.
While we don't use all these technologies, we believe that contractors who do, are the ones who will best fit in.

  • Ideal Experience

    Consulting, Open Source Contributions, Terraform Expert, Programming Experience, EKS, ECS, Kubernetes, Helm, Helmfile, GitHub Actions
    (experience with 4 or more technologies)

  • SRE Experience

    Datadog, OpsGenie, PagerDuty, Prometheus, Prometheus Operator, AlertManager, Grafana
    (experience with 1 or more services)

  • Other SaaS Experience

    Splunk, Sumologic, GitHub Actions, Okta, Auth0, NewRelic, Cloudflare, StrongDM
    (experience with 2 or more services)

  • Programming Experience

    Golang (Go), Python, Ruby, NodeJS, Java, C/C++
    (proficient in 1 or more languages)

  • AWS Experience

    Let us know if you have your certifications. EKS, RDS Aurora, Transit Gateways, ALBs, WAF, SecurityHub, GuardDuty, ECS, IAM, CloudFormation, Elasticache, Elasticsearch, etc
    (experience with 3 or more services)

  • Nice to Have

    Spacelift, Packer, HashiCorp Vault, Ansible, Consul, Jenkins, Serverless, Rancher/Cattle
    (no experience required)

  • Database Technologies

    Postgres, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, CouchDB, Memcache, Cassandra, EMR, Redshift
    (experience with 2 or more technologies)

  • Core Concepts

    12 Factor Pattern, Immutable Architecture, Infrastructure as Code, Imperative vs Declaritive
    (knowledgable on 2 or more concepts)

Why we're awesome

Open Source Consultancy

Everything we do is Open Source (APACHE2) and available on our GitHub at github.com/cloudposse. We do this for multiple reasons. First, it ensures we deliver quality because our reputation is out in the open. Secondly, everything we do should be highly-repeatable and relevant. That's why we're the largest provider of Open Source Terraform modules you'll find. We don't want to build snowflake architectures.

Massive Community

We're all about community. We have 3,500 members, weekly office hours, and public documentation. Our mission is to educate companies on modern DevOps "best practices". We accomplish this by thoroughly documenting everything we do. Everyone on our team contributes so we grow together and iterate towards perfection.

Best-of-Breed Technology

Our solutions are cutting edge. We practice Infrastructure as Code, GitOps, CI/CD, BeyondCorp-style security and take security seriously. We leverage Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, and Terraform everyday. One of the things we do best is help companies with "Review Apps" on EKS and ECS.

Challenging Problems

Life's boring without a challenge. That's why we set the bar high. We're currently working on interesting problems like how to achieve continuous delivery of Terraform and short-lived ephemeral environments.

What we do.

Recent Customers

Medical Devices

Kubernetes, Terraform, Helm, GitHub Actions, WAF, SecurityHub, etc.

Real-estate Debt Marketplace

ECS Fargate, Aurora Postgres, GitHub Actions, Spacelift

Payments for Brick & Mortar

Kubernetes, Helm, Rails, Postgres, Codefresh

Open Positions

Frequently Asked Questions


Cloud Posse, LLC is based in Los Angeles, CA (USA). We are a 100% remote company. As such, our team is distributed across the the continental United States as well as Eastern Europe.

Yes! We're a 100% remote company.

Please submit your resume as part of the application process by going to our jobs portal.

Someone from our team will contact you if your skills and experience meet the requirements of an open position. Make sure you've applied applied only to positions that match your background, credentials and interests. We receive applicants every day, so please bear with us as we work through the backlog.

No, we do not sponsor H-1B visas. Please let our recruiter know upfront that you require H-1B sponsorship so that they can determine what if any alternative positions are available for remote, off-shore work.

From time-to-time we offer entry-level positions, however, generally, most positions are for senior-level DevOps. Please check our jobs portal to find out if we have any entry-level positions available.

Search and apply for positions on our jobs portal. You can easily apply to available positions simply by using your LinkedIn profile.

No, positions are for full-time subcontracting.