Who owns the deliverables?

Erik Osterman

TL;DR: Unfortunately, we can’t grant ownership of our work product because it is built mostly on open source or other pre-existing materials derived from other engagements.

Even if we scope everything to work committed in your GitHub repositories, it's not cut-and-dry. That's because almost nothing is new or original in our Scope of Work—even that which we commit to your repo, and anything that is new will most likely be derivatives of other pre-existing materials.

Since we run multiple concurrent engagements and because two customers could easily require or acquire the same architecture despite totally different applications and industries, we need to have provisions that protect past, present, and future customers. This is why we own it, and give our customers irrevocable perpetual use of it. Obviously, we can’t include our customer's proprietary materials in any open-source.

So, this is why the best we can do for you and all of our other clients is to grant an irrevocable perpetual license to use our work product but we can’t grant ownership. We need to be very clear that it's fundamental to our entire business model as an open-source consultancy specializing in DevOps Acceleration, that we maintain ownership in order to protect all of our customers from infringement.