What if we don’t use Slack?

Erik Osterman

From time to time we get asked if it's possible to use something other than slack (e.g. MS Teams, discord, etc) to collaborate between our teams.

TL;DR: Unfortunately, we're not able to join other teams. Here's why…

On the backend, we have dozens of engineers (and growing) who we can pull into any channel at a moment's notice. While there is always a lead assigned to your project performing most of the work, at any given time, we'll pull in different people to help with different parts. Think of them as specialists. Also, because we're engaged with a dozen or more customers at any given moment, the logistics of that means we cannot manage conversations across multiple chat platforms.

When companies work with Cloud Posse, you're not getting “a DevOps engineer” (e.g. that's Staff Augmentation), you're getting access to all of our pool of resources which include expertise in DevOps, Release Management/Engineering, SRE, Security & Compliance, etc. One or two engineers cannot possess all that expertise and be specialists (e.g. “Jack of all trades, master of none”). This is also why it's so much more valuable hiring Cloud Posse because for barely the cost of a fully-loaded DevOps engineer, you're buying access to a full team and all the pre-existing materials that have cost millions of dollars to produce.

The great thing about our Engagement Workbook process is it helps us identify upfront customers who are a good fit for how we operate. It's why we're so successful because we have standardized our engagement model. The more variables we introduce, the greater the risks and the more we diverge from what we know works.