How will we interact with the team?

Erik Osterman

  1. Slack. You will have direct access to the team via a shared Slack channel between our respective teams.

  2. Zoom. We'll have weekly scheduled cadence calls via Zoom to review the current progress, blockers and give product demos in your environment. These calls can be recorded and shared with your team.

  3. Google Drive. We also recommend creating a shared Team Drive folder via Google Docs for the sharing of relevant design docs, agendas or other materials.

  4. Trello. We manage the project via a Trello Team created specifically for each engagement. We invite your team and our team to this team and create (1) board per sprint. This allows us to standardize our process while providing transparency along the way.

  5. Office Hours. Most engagements include a “Documentation & Training” sprint, we arrange a weekly “Office Hours” via Zoom (recorded) to answer any questions your team may have as they begin to kick the tires.