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In this training, you will learn...

  • Why DevOps is a Business Enabler

    We explain how the benefits extend to your business.

  • Why You Need to Own Your Infrastructure

    We cover how it forms the basis of what you can or cannot do.

  • How to Get it Right The First Time

    We break it down, step-by-step the process we follow.

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Our Customers include Billion-Dollar Startups.

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Extremely Knowledgeable

Erik and his colleagues are extremely knowledgeable in all things infrastructure and communicate this knowledge in a friendly and helpful style. Cloud Posse is excellent value-for-money; have appropriately priced SOWs; and are very flexible to work with.
I would recommend Cloud Posse to anyone who is: looking for modern scalable infrastructure as code to be developed on their behalf; looking for knowledgeable peers with which they can review roadmaps and processes; or seeking a panel of experts to act as a sounding board for their one-man infrastructure or DevOps teams.

DevOps Engineer - Healthera, Ltd.
United Kingdom

Modern Enterprise Infrastructure

Cloud Posse did an amazing job moving our web operations into ECS with Fargate, setting up our code pipelines and CI/CD processes, and offering us a wealth of information around security and stability in AWS. Thanks to their solid understanding of a variety of AWS Services, we were able to steer clear of potential pitfalls upon implementation and secure our systems better than ever. With their help, we were ultimately able implement the latest strategies of modern enterprise website development.

Senior Engineering Manager - Globe Life

Super Communicative

Erik and his team worked on the new infrastructure-as-code build from scratch with us at Checkatrade. It was a pleasure to work with him, super communicative, super knowledgeable, and really delivered, as well as an all-round great person! I hope our paths cross in future!

CTO - Checkatrade

Professional Service

I've worked with many DevOps consultants in the past and none of them ran their company the way you run Cloud Posse. I must tell you that I'm really impressed with how you run your business—you are doing all the right things.

Head of Platform - Gladly, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

World Class Infrastructure

Cloudposse has established a fundamental part of our organization's infrastructure. Best in class services such as terraform, k8's, and CI/CD allow us to onboard new developers and have them deploying production code on their first day.

Lead Engineer - Joany, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

Strong Cloud Insights

We got in touch with Cloud Posse when we went from a messy startup cloud to a robust, manageable and enterprise cloud architecture. The thoughtfully fabricated terraform modules, hand picked and modified utilities and the perfect orchestrator 'geodesic' brings in a very solid ITops management experience. Not to forget how responsive is the team.

Head of Engineering -
Bengaluru, India

Our Fearless Leader

Erik Osterman is a technical evangelist and insanely passionate DevOps guru with over 12 years of experience architecting systems for AWS. As CEO of Cloud Posse, a DevOps Accelerator, he is committed to helping high-growth Startups and Fortune 500 Companies practice SweetOps™ and rapidly migrate to AWS on Kubernetes to gain the upper hand and maximize their return on investment. Previously, he led major cloud initiatives at CBS Interactive as the Director of Cloud Architecture.


Erik Osterman, Founder & CEO of Cloud Posse



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