About Us

Cloud Posse solves the problem that every technology company faces in order to succeed: “we built our product, now how do we scale it”

Scaling means more than just addressing the (fun) technological challenges like distributed systems and algorithms. There are the human elements such as fostering a devops culture, mentorship/cross-training developers, on-call engineering and procedural aspects like remediation techniques/post-mortems, business continuity planning, code reviews, communication, etc. All of this needs to be captured in a company's “cloud story” in order to run a successful technology organization.

The tools/resources/knowledge are all out there, but how to tie it all together is what so many companies struggle to get right. Failing to get it right risks employee attrition, business agility, & customer retention.

Our Story

Cloud Posse was born out of a series of conversations with an active angel investor and CTO/Founder of Lookout, the mobile security company. After discussing some of the early challenges that startups face which threaten their very existence, operations was one that stood out, because there's no reason it needs to be that way. The knowledge is out there, it just needs to be leveraged.

The Team

Erik Osterman, Cloud Architect & Founder

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Our Advisors